Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (or AR) involves the integration of virtual elements in the actual surroundings, for example two-dimensional or 3D graphics and texts. Reality is hence augmented or overlaid by a virtual layer. AR has its counterpart in augmented virtuality, where a virtual world is augmented by real aspects.

The sprylab product tripventure as a case study:
You are looking at a building through your smartphone in camera mode. The screen shows a virtual suitcase in front of the real building that isn’t actually there in reality. Both the building and the suitcase can be elements of the tripventure game. AR thereby links the real city to the story told in the tripventure game.

Augmented reality is a feature of all games and stories created with tripventure. The game’s relevant content is superimposed onto the camera image by way of GPS data. Virtual characters, objects and information augment the image in the smartphone camera – turning the actual city into your playing field. They will only work in the real city and are tied to a location, with virtual objects and characters only appearing at their “real” locations - this is part of the so-called location-based services.

sprylab offers an extensive knowledge base surrounding Augmented Reality and can work with you to determine the solution that is perfect for your business. In addition to individual solutions, you can benefit from our products such as tripventure and easily create your own augmented reality apps.