The smartphone app “Death at Berlin Wall”, developed by sprylab and DGB Bildungswerk, belongs to this year’s winners of the competition “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”. Together with 99 other awarded landmarks, the app is now running for the audience award – and everyone can vote for their favorite idea.

The awarded app

“Death at Berlin Wall” is an interactive historical adventure app that uses the technology of augmented reality to combine historical images and information with the real surroundings. The user experiences a true conflict of the East-West German separation at the original places. Mobile learning and innovative storytelling come together in one app to raise political awareness and encourage an in depth engagement with a riving set of questions. sprylab developed a unique platform to enable mobile learning in a playful way on mobile devices.

More about the app

Initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas”

Brought to life in order to strengthen the notion as a land of ideas domestically and abroad, the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” uses projects and competitions to encourage people to develop innovative ideas for important questions of our time and bring them to public attention. 100 projects and ideas were awarded in the competition “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”, all of them setting future trends for cities and neighborhoods, taking on the challenges of tomorrow and presenting themselves as a role model.

Vote for “Death at Berlin Wall”

From the 1st of October, everyone can choose the audience winner from all 100 “Landmarks of 2013/2014”. Every voter has one vote per landmark and per day – so daily one vote for “Death at Berlin Wall”. Until the 20th of October, the ten finalists with most votes are chosen. The best ten can be voted for again from the 28th of October to the 10th of November to choose the final winner. “Death at Berlin Wall” is a fantastic app for the playful reception of information, an app that promotes the readiness for lifelong learning. The combining of historical places and current technological possibilities enables playful and sustainable learning. Each vote for “Death at Berlin Wall” supports this idea and encourages the implementation of more location-based learning contents – vote for “Death at Berlin Wall” each day until the 20th of October. Vote here!

Further mobile learning possibilities

The app “Death at Berlin Wall” was implemented with tripventure, a product by sprylab, with which information and stories can be combined with real places without needing programming skills. The many features turn the stories into interactive experiences. Thus, everyone can easily publish apps for location-based games, location-based guides, mobile learning and other forms of mobile storytelling.