The history lesson app “Death at Berlin Wall” was awarded by the initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” and the Deutsche Bank today. sprylab and the DGB Bildungswerk Bund were chosen as one of the 100 award recipients in the innovation competition “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” 2013/14. For the theme “Ideas take place”, the project responds to a question arising in the field of education, showing how historical events such as the political quarrel between East- and West-Germany can be explored on site with the help of augmented reality.

Schools and other educational institutions struggle to get young adults interested in political topics. sprylab and the DGB Bildungswerk make use of the prevalent affinity for mobile devices, e. g. smartphones and tablets, and accomplish to mediate political contents in an exciting way through the combination of new technological possibilities. The app “Death at Berlin Wall” enables anyone to jump into the character of a journalist via a smartphone and investigate the death of an East German police officer at the original places by employing augmented reality. This technology combines the real surrounding of the smartphone user with historical images and information. With this app, sprylab and DGB Bildungswerk enter new territory for political education.

The award ceremony

The initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas” and the Deutsche Bank award ideas and projects within the framework of the competition, which provide solutions for the challenges of cities and regions of the near future. Astrid Rist from the Deutsche Bank presented the award “Landmark 2013/14” to Stephan heck from sprylab and Guido Brombach from DGB Bildungswerk, emphasizing that: “’Death at Berlin Wall” is an extraordinary way to experience history. The app has the potential to be a trademark for the modern transfer of knowledge.” Stephan Heck commented on the award: “We are proud to be a “Landmark” in the Land of Ideas and to demonstrate a solution for the live in the city of tomorrow.” “With the participation in the competition, we move the project a little further into the perception of the public and hope to be able to push more innovative ideas, solutions and projects with this role model.” “Ideas and innovation are vital resources. They make our city more live- and loveable. We want to make them visible and thereby nurture the location Germany,” explains Astrid Rist the long-lasting dedication of the Deutsche Bank to the competition. From approximately 1000 applications, the expert jury made up out of scientists, managers, journalist and politicians selected sprylab and the DGB Bildungswerk together with a fourheaded counsel as award winners for their history app.

The app “Death at Berlin Wall”

“Death at Berlin Wall” was implemented by sprylab with tripventure, a product developed by sprylab for the easy and simple implementation of location-based stories and games for smartphones. With tripventure, gaming elements and activities can be combined in innovative ways with GPS-locations, acceleration and orientation sensors to create a new gaming experience. The user friendly platform lets you adapt the games quickly to various places worldwide, make simple adjustments to the stories and rapidly implement new games.


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