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Project Description


Artist magazine as digital reference project






The art&stuff magazine was designed as a vocational statement, filled with great personal passion. “Schwarzbunt-Grafikdesign“, a classic design agency, has often received inquiries about digital projects. Thus, the team decided to take this opportunity and finally develop a digital project.

The project’s aim was to create not a website, but a mobile app – the pinnacle of digital projects. Gradually the idea developed to create a lifestyle magazine about arts and crafts that would offer artists a platform filled with stories and products. Therefore, a particular emphasis was placed on the personality and the modern presentation of the magazine.

Because majority of eMagazines nowadays are PDF replicas that do not exploit the technical possibilities of apps, the agency decided to take its own approach toward the magazine.

e-Magazine Art&Stuff

Changing the technology provider before the publication

Gesa Schmidt-Langhoff, the director of the agency, initially encountered some hurdles during the implementation of the app. At first, she created the content using the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution® (Adobe DPS). However, during this process Adobe reorganized and changed its business model and pricing -the price for publishing a magazine had tripled. After some research, she decided to test the Purple DS®. Because of the Purple DS® import feature that allows our customers to import Adobe DPS® folios, the agency’s content that has already been created could be used further again. New issues will be directly implemented with the Purple DS® in the near future.

A tablet magazine that looks and feels like a visit to an artisan market

The end result is a magazine that feels like a visit to an artisan market. One can listen to artists’ stories, get inspired from DIY projects, and view artworks in a 360 ° view, and ultimately acquire these, just like in real life. The special feature here is that the reader does not need to leave the app, but can access the online store directly from the app. The magazine utilizes the mobile possibilities in order to create a true magazine experience, filled with videos, photo galleries and animation.

Gesa Schmidt-Langhoff describes art&stuff as “a magazine for people who appreciate a bit of luxury”. The magazine is free of charge for iPads and Android tablets, and is published quarterly. The first edition features the theme “Country”, perfectly fitting for autumn and for the agency itself, which resides in the countryside. The main theme of the second issue will be “Swell”.

The magazine is financed through advertisements, which are appropriately selected and modeled for each issue, as well as through a small commission of the sold artworks.