Project Description

The project at a glance:

  • Purple DS® is used for all magazine titles
  • The titles were migrated from Adobe DPS
  • Axel Springer uses various Purple DS® workflows
    • Automatic PDF upload (e.g. ComputerBILD)
    • Automatically from the CMS (e.g. AutoBILD Feed)
    • Semi-automated based on InDesign (e.g. AutoBILD)
    • PixelPerfect (e.g. RollingStone)

Technical details:

  • Platform: Purple DS®
  • Apps: iOS and Android for Tablet & Phone

„The creation of the new kiosk apps with Purple DS® was very simple and intuitive. The Kiosk could easily be adapted to our magazine style guide. It proved to be absolutely unproblematic to administrate the transferred apps as well as to create additional options such as coupons.“

The project in detail

Axel Springer Media House shifted all of its Adobe DPS® publications to Purple DS®. The first publications that have already been transformed include the Rolling Stone, MUSIKEXPRESS and ME.MOVIES magazine.

The Axel Springer Media House approached the team of SPRYLAB Purple DS® while searching for an alternative digital publishing solution. The publisher was particularly concerned in finding a new way to produce the already existing as well as future online magazines. These online magazines are re-worked replicas from print editions, and are published in the Apple Newsstand.

E-Magazine RollingStone

„We were looking for a completely new solution that would fully replace our previous provider. We placed particular emphasis on providers that would be able to support us with the development of existing issues personally, and also with the establishment of new, automated and efficient production workflows. One of our pivotal arguments for the Purple DS® publishing suite was the scalability of e-publishing projects – from simple PDF replicas to high-quality, interactive online magazines, and exciting scrollytelling publications – all in one system”, says Remco Meyer, Senior Product Manager Mobile & Special Projects at Axel Springer Media House Berlin (at the time of the migration).

Fast conversion from 62 Adobe DPS® issues to Purple DS®

The option to re-create the old issues in Purple DS® would have been too time-consuming. Therefore, the team at SPRYLAB Purple DS® developed a Purple DS® import interface that automatically transfers Adobe DPS® folios into Purple DS® files.

All the features and extensions from the folios were adopted easily

The most significant benchmark of the entire transformation was the maintenance of quality. This also meant that the countless extensions such as media players, animations, and interactive content remain unimpeded. The import was thus adapted to the respective elements and transformed to Purple DS®elements.

Efficient and flexible production of new issues is easily possible.