Project Description

The project at a glance: 

  • Interactive collaboration tool for innovative live reporting based on the AWS Serverless Cloud
  • Articles (text, images, videos) are uploaded by journalists in the BILD Slack editorial chat.
  • The editorial staff moderates the contributions and plays them live on the website. The reader thus participates in the development process of live reporting
  • AWS Lambda (Serverless) guarantees flexible scalability with a high number of visitors

Technical details:

  • Cloud: AWS Lambda / Serverless
  • Frontend: Angular JS
  • Integration: Slack App

The project in detail


Axel Springer


BILD Online wanted to share live with its readers how a story or news about major events is actually created. Instead of just presenting the finished article, the reader should be given an insight into the journalistic work and the creation of the article in real time.

Our solution:

SPRYLAB has developed a moderation tool that allows the editorial staff to publish the contributions of the individual journalists in the BILD Slack editorial chat directly on the website in a “live” widget. The contributions can contain texts, pictures or videos. This feature contributes to an increased flow of visitors to the website.

A highlight:

A new level of journalism in absolute real time. Scalability of the service depending on website traffic to ensure high quality and availability.

Technical implementation:

  • Frontend/Backend
  • Slack App-Interface
  • AWS Serverless / Lamda for fast scalability and high availability

SPRYLAB support scope:

  • Technical implementation (development)
  • IT project consulting
  • Go-live support