Project Description


The gym tablet app


Let’s be honest, programmers don’t like arduous work. However, in the last couple of months our team of programmers enjoyed every minute of working with the new fitness and functional training chain High5.

High5 is a partner brand of McFit. It was first announced earlier this year through a landing page programmed by SPRYLAB. SPRYLAB has also developed an app for High5, which acts as a supporting terminal for all of the chain’s gyms.

Cutback to essentials

High5 is bringing the popular functional training trend from the US to Europe. The ‘Functional Box’ offers a wide variety of ways to perform diverse functional exercises. In addition, members obtain a free pass to fully equipped exercise areas, whether for weight training, cardio training with equipment or endurance training. In April, High5 opened its first gyms in Germany and Austria, and the chain is planning to grow even bigger until the end of this year. The adaptation of the infrastructure according to High5’s vision was one of our main goals during the planning phase.

The Tablet Studio app is aimed at new and existing High5 members. Visitors, who have registered online in advance, can schedule a free training or directly purchase a High5 membership. Due to the reduced administrative barrier, trainers and studio managers can devote more time to assist their members during training.

Existing members can log in to their personal dashboard, where they can update their personal information and book or cancel training bundles.Through the ‘Friend Option’ High5 members have the opportunity to bring a friend to train with them. The invited person has to register and then log in with the membership card through the NFC interface in the app. The app plays out in the locked mode, so that the tablets are not employed for other purposes.

Implementation in close cooperation with other service providers

Several partners have supported us during the implementation process. McFit developed the concept and the style guide. In addition to programming the iOS and Android apps, SPRYLAB optimized the web style guide for the tablet app and adapted all the necessary mobile features. Direct Online, the IT partner of McFit, carried out the backend of the app. The agency Brandung implemented the High5 website. Due to the close coordination between the partners, a cordial and lively working relationship was formed.

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