Project Description


Rescue Assist


A new automotive safety advancement will make driving more safe, as emergency personnel continuously face difficulties to free injured passengers. Delicate structural elements such as airbags and gas can put not only the first-responder, but also the passengers, in further danger.

The app is primarily designed for firefighters and rescue services that free accident victims from automobiles. Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist Application provides first-responders with access to all the important information as well as a visual map of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles on a rescue card to reduce the risk of unnecessary injuries. Moreover, the application works with all Mercedes-Benz cars dating back to 1990 as well as Fuso and Van dating back to 1996 and displays important systems for rescue such as battery, airbags, seat belts, fuel tank, impact zones and restraints.

App Mercedes Benz Rescue Assistant

Mobile rescue cards available in 25 languages

When the QR code, usually placed on the inside of the fuel cap, is scanned, all of the necessary vehicle information is provided in the language of the smart device used. The application currently supports 25 languages. Mercedes-Benz vehicles built from 1990 and Vans build from 1996 onwards can be retrofitted with the QR codes at a local dealership.

Offline functionality for access without Internet

Other than most automobile manufacturers rescue cards, the cards in the Rescue Assist app from Daimler AG are accessible without Internet connection, as all the vehicle rescue information loads straight off after the initial installation of the app. Emergency personnel can therefore utilize the application without difficulty in situations where Internet access is not available, e.g. in underground passages or rural areas. After scanning the QR code, all vehicle rescue information can be manually accessed via the task bar. Consequently, the app saves precious time, which can prove critical for injured passengers.

Every second counts during the so-called “golden hour of shock” for trauma patients in the emergency rescue. Patients, who are brought to the hospital and given first aid within an hour after the accident, have the highest chances of survival. The earlier the emergency personnel learn how to safely open the body of the vehicle, the higher are the crash victims’ survival chances. That makes the Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assit app a true lifesaver.

App implementation with SPRYLAB

It is a rare occasion even for SPRYLAB employees to implement an app, which can save lives. Within 2 months, two developers appointed for this task successfully implemented the Mercedes-Benz concept and design for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. The most exciting part proved to be the back end integration of all of the vehicle types, which is triggered by scanning the QR code.