Project Description

The project at a glance: 

  • New semantic model for real-time analysis of soccer data
  • Comparison of evaluations with historical data of past games
  • Display of evaluations in mobile-optimised widgets

Technical details:

  • Frontend: Angular
  • Backend: Node.JS
  • Cloud: AWS (Lambda, Kinesis)

The project in detail


Institut für Spielanalyse


The goal is the aggregation of live game data and the simple representation of complex football game analyses in real time. The project is part of the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI).

Our solution:

Aggregation and preparation of live game data. Comparison with historical data (past games). Simple visualisation of complex game progression analyses – without compromises. Development of live tickers, which allow an easy scalability and can serve corresponding streams of visitors before, during and after the game. Individual analysis widgets are modular and can be integrated individually into other web offerings.

A highlight:

Read-The-Game offers a great user experience and shows what is already possible with football data today. The analyses offer completely new insights into the game and allow the development of new strategies.

Technical implementation:

  • Real-time processing of large amounts of data (Big Data)
  • Mobile-optimized website
  • Frontend/Backend for mobile-optimized web
  • AWS Serverless for fast scalability and high availability
  • Angular, Polymer

SPRYLAB support scope:

  • IT Project Consulting
  • Technical Project Management
  • Technical implementation (development)