Project Description


The project at a glance: 

  • Purple DS® is used for all Blick editions
  • Daily publication in Purple DS® App and Webreader
  • Unified web and app storefronts for an intuitive user learning experience
  • Ringier Blick uses the fully automated Purple DS® workflow
  • Automated PDF upload with automatically generated HTML reading mode (mobile-optimised)

Technical implementation:

  • Backend: Java-Spring
  • Frontend: Angular
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Apps: iOS & Android
  • Integration: Payment system (Data Trans) and subscription management system (SAP)

“We are convinced that we have found a very competent partner in SPRYLAB for the relaunch of Blick ePaper products. With Purple DS we are relying on a very powerful production system with which we can also implement future requirements flexibly”.

The project in detail


Ringier AG


The digital editions of all BLICK titles (Blick, Blick am Abend and Blick am Sonntag) were to be redesigned. In addition to the relaunch of apps and web readers, the special challenge was the complete automation of the workflow.

At the same time, the digital payment process was to be redeveloped and significantly simplified.

Our Solution:

Apps and web readers for the BLICK titles were implemented on the basis of SPRYLAB’s Purple DS platform. A storefront specially developed for Ringier gives apps and web readers the typical BLICK appearance. The use of the Purple DS PDF workflow guarantees a smooth, fully automated publishing of new editions.
In addition, a flexible online newsstand was developed, which makes it possible to purchase both digital and print subscriptions.

The customer journey of the payment process has been completely redesigned and significantly simplified.

A highlight:

Based on the fully automated Purple DS PDF workflow, PDF output is enhanced with a responsive read mode. This also enables an optimal reading experience on smartphones.
The online newsstand was implemented on the basis of the existing ERP system SAP. By using defined interfaces and modern technologies, a modular storefront user interface was created which can be easily and flexibly adapted with minimal dependencies to the SAP system.

Technical implementation:

  • New iOS and Android apps for Phone & Tablet and new web reader for all BLICK titles based on Purple DS
  • Custom BLICK Storefront for App & Web
  • Fully automated generation of the mobile-optimised reading mode for unique reading pleasure (Blick ePaper and SonntagsBlick)
  • Development of new online newsstand using Angular, Java Spring and AWS Cloud Services
  • Link between payment system (Data Trans) and subscription management system (SAP) using Purple DS Entitlement Server
  • User migration

SPRYLAB support scope:

  • Overall project management
  • IT consultancy
  • Technical implementation (development)