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Project Description


Comprehensive mobile learning







PLE is an innovative learning platform that allows students to take part in courses offered by teachers and professors using their Android and iOS tablets. At the same time, teachers and professors are able to monitor learning advances of learners through PLE. Students manage their accounts through a dedicated web platform. Courses and providers are managed through the course management system, that is available over the web.

App T-Systems

Comprehensive mobile learning

Students are provided with innovative features and an activity journal
The PLE apps enable students to take part in courses and actively get involved with the content. They can add notes and markings to scripts, videos and other materials, or link external content. These activities are listed in a learning journal, which acts as an action log. The keyword search that can access all the content, including notes, also ensures quick and easy orientation. Depending on their learning status, students can take tests or exams, which can either be single choice, multiple choice, cloze or contextual tasks.

Teachers survey content usage and student advances
Teachers have multiple options available to analyze learning advances of students and offer appropriate content. In a first step, they set up seminars and exams and add content. The content can be updated and extended at any time. Teachers can instantly access stats on all participating students, including usage statistics and learning level.

Superadmin for the course management system
Higher-ranking administrators can manage universities and professors through the course management system. The course management system is a web platform that can be accessed from desktop and tablet devices.

Two native platforms (iOS / Android) – one user experiencer

While building largely congruent iOS and Android apps, platform specific control concepts were considered. This eases the process of switching devices and users can log into their account with any available device.

High performance despite lots of content

Enabling the apps to display large amounts of different content was challenging. Apart from extensive amounts of content, there are also complex interactive views and dynamic transitions. On top, the multilayered project contains various elaborate components. A QTI Quiz Engine was designed and developed for instance to create and exchange standardized quizzes as well as use them for exams.

The scalable IT structure includes REST-Interfaces for the future extension.

IT structure T-Systems App extension

SPRYLAB recommends using the Purple Suite “Purple Motion” for future developments in PLE. Purple allows everyone to create interactive learning contents in very short time. These learning contents offer further incentives for students to actively participate in courses.

Detailed concept phase

Implementing such a comprehensive platform requires perfect project planning and close cooperation. SPRYLAB was in charge of the technological guidance and the detailed concept phase. In addition to the IT realization, SPRYLAB designers were involved in the realization of the user interface and the UX design.

Within four months, the SPRYLAB team, consisting of 8 developers, a graphic designers and a quality expert, managed to implement the web platforms for teachers and students, and the native apps. Agile development methodologies allowed for a close exchange. T-Systems were provided with a new release on a weekly basis to allow for testing and feedback on the intermediate results. For this, the learning environment was equipped with plenty of sample content.

PLE is not yet publicly available. Universities can test PLE upon request.