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Anywhere at anytime

66% of all media consumption happens on mobile devices. About 80% via apps.
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Quality pays off

55% of all 18‐35-years old connect the quality of an app with the quality of the respective company and its services.
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5 x more reach and loyalty through continuous publishing.
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Purple DS® for corporates and publishers

There’s digital publishing software. And then there’s SPRYLAB | Purple DS® - the cutting edge digital publishing solution. SPRYLAB | Purple DS® enables you to create your own apps or publish content on social media platforms and delight your target audiences! You need more than our standard end-to-end solution? With SPRYLAB | IT Services, we’ll tailor the solution exactly to your needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and individuality.


Digital Publishing – your connection to customers and employees.

Solutions for Corporates


E-Publishing – stunning content for your target audience.

Solutions for Publishing Companies


The full-service solution.

Create extraordinary apps and web content from a variety of materials and sources – without a single line of code! SPRYLAB will be at your side throughout the process with a range of technical, creative and strategic services.


Open to all formats and sources.

Our publishing solution is the only one that allows you to import content from different sources and combine it in any way you want. Mix images, texts and layouts from Adobe InDesign®, work with PDFs, or import content directly from your CMS. Purple DS® makes it easy to integrate animations and interactive elements enabling you to create digital experiences that will delight your audiences!


Evidence-based success.

The secret behind the success of an app is its content. With the right content, it’s easy to win new customers, retain existing users, and monetize your app. Our analytics function allows you to discover what your target audience likes. Purple DS® enables you to learn from your users, optimize your content, and increase customer satisfaction.