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Does the new Adobe DPS® strategy fit your needs? Does it fit your budget? Do you need an alternative?

Discover SPRYLAB Purple DS® – the most creative, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to Adobe DPS®, Pugpig®, Oomph® and other digital publishing platforms.

Purple DS® is a revolutionary and comprehensive solution for creating native apps and engaging publications.



1. Our unique migration tool does the job for you! Migrating has never been so easy.

Whether you want to migrate single files or complete batches – Purple DS® Migration Tool quickly and efficiently exports your digital content from Adobe DPS®, Pugpig®, Oomph® and other platforms.

2. You will not lose any interactions or animations! You can even further enhance your app content! 

With our automated processes your previous editions or app contents will be easily converted into our Purple DS® .pkar file. No interactions or animations will be lost!  On the contrary, you can easily enhance your old content or create new interactions and animations using our tools. Without any programming skills.

3. For your users it is nothing more than a simple update.

Your app will be live in no time at all following the migration - for your users it is simply an app update. The users will keep all their purchased issues. And you will keep all your users & ratings.

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Thanks to its cutting-edge features, Purple DS® is the most intuitive, creative and flexible tool on the market.

A wide range of workflows and features will help you to create apps people love – no matter the source of your content or the sophistication of your processes.

All our tools are perfectly interlinked and even allow you to even enhance your existing app content with additional interactions and animations. For example, you can

  • layer multiple scenes easily,
  • create pop-ups with just one click,
  • integrate any HTML elements,
  • start or change individual subscription campaigns within seconds,
  • easily & individually style your (new) app frame according to your corporate design anytime without submission,
  • re-layout your print InDesign® layout for mobile purposes automatically,
  • publish continuously content from your CMS directly in the app,

and much more.


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Axel Springer Mediahouse places its trust in Purple DS® – the Adobe DPS® alternative.

The first publications to have fully migrated to Purple DS® include Rolling Stone, MUSIKEXPRESS and ME.MOVIES magazine.

Maximum efficiency, minimum effort.

Purple DS® is not simply a tool, but a complete solution for the creation of interactive content with complex animations – without the need to produce separate versions for tablets and smartphones. Integrating video and audio is faster and easier than ever before.

Import old Adobe DPS® Folios

Over the last few years, a total of 62 Adobe DPS® editions were turned into Purple DS® editions in a fast and automated process. With Purple DS®, it only takes a few minutes to migrate an edition. You can also easily and directly create new editions and produce them with even more interactive features.

With Purple DS®, you can have it all.

You’ll love our support.

What is the point of support that’s hidden deep within a website? Our support is easy to find and puts you in touch with people who provide real help.

Big benefits and transparent costs.

Purple DS® delivers a complete solution at a fair price. And there’s no need to hire a business lawyer to help you understand our pricing models.

Nothing is more convincing than competence.

Purple DS® is not a tool but a complete solution with built-in know-how about the entire publishing process: for digitally optimized, engaging apps that deliver success you can measure.

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