Our Purple DS® Toolkit

Everything you need to create, manage and publish engaging digital content.



The Purple DS® Publishing Suite is an efficient end-to-end solution for digital publishing in an app or on the web. All our tools are fully interconnected and provide a seamless user experience.

In addition, all of your systems can be easily connected to provide maximum freedom. Our team can also realize all of your individual requirements.

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The Purple DS® Manager is our intuitive management tool that enables you to build native apps and completely manage your content, users, payments, advertising and much more.

Build a single issue, newsstand/library or newsfeed apps and easily integrate your existing systems or third party providers for your entitlement/ user data base, ad servers, or analytic tools. 


Purple DS® Composer

The Purple DS® Composer is our cutting-edge, yet simple design environ- ment that enables you to create interactive and animated content. Trans- form your existing content from multiple sources into digitally optimized and engaging formats or easily create new inspiring native content. 

Everything is possible from simple interactions to sophisticated anima- tions using a fully integrated keyframe animation tool. 


Purple DS® Templating Client

The Purple DS® Templating Client is our revolutionary transformation tool that allows you to easily convert print layouts from InDesign® into mobile optimized layouts for tablet and phone.

Furthermore, our tool structures your InDesign® content automatically during transformation. Once structured, contents can be moved directly into your CMS and from there into all your channels. Automatic publishing and re-use of content is easily possible. 

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PURPLE DS® supports your workflows

Purple Digital Stories is specially designed to optimize workflows and ensure an efficient and cost-effective e-publishing process. The suite allows you to use a variety of production processes, from individual and manual to fully automatic, and to combine different types of workflows, to deliver top results for every type of project.

Supported workflows

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