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E-Publishing - a continuous process

We help you along the entire process!

For sustainable success, e-publishing has to be understood as a continuous process.

Developing content and transforming it into mobile-optimized layouts; enhancing content with interactive material and animations; publishing it across diverse digital channels; using targeted analytics to discover what readers are responding to most.


» Define your strategy and conceptual design
» Build and customise your app (iOS, Android, Kindle) with the Purple DS® Manager
» Predefine templates for automated production 
» Integrate existing systems (CMS, entitlement, user authentication server)


» Import your existing layouts (e.g. InDesign®, PDF etc.) or start from scratch in the Purple DS® Composer
» Produce engaging content with interactions and animations
» Convert easily print-2-mobile layouts with Purple DS® Templating Client 
» Structure your InDesign® content and reuse it in your native app or your CMS


» Publish to native Apps (as Single Issue, newsstand/library or newsfeed)
» Mirror your content to web (HTML5, web newsstand) or to your social media channels with the Purple DS® Manager
» Publish your content automatically from your CMS to your app (continous publishing via newsfeed)


» Use push notifications to keep your audience up to date 
» Share your content on social media and increase your reach
» Use 3rd party app marketing tools like Appboy and Adjust
» Benefit from n-app purchases and subscriptions
» Display dynamic advertising


» Use our KPI dashboard in the Purple DS® Manager to measure your impact
» Understand your audience and optimise your content
» Use 3rd party analytic tools like Google Analytics and Flurry

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PURPLE DS® provides an optimized workflow for every project

From individual/manual to fully-automated: we will help you with every step of the way throughout the
e-publishing process. Purple DS® allows you to use different production workflows based on your goals and existing systems. You can also combine the workflows at any point in the process – ranging from fully-automated for daily publishing in your newsfeed to semi-automated for the efficient transformation and publication of your print editions as easily readable, mobile-optimized digital editions.

What would you like to do?
Publish a PDF as a digital replica? You’re planning a one-off digital storytelling project or you’d like to publish an e-magazine on a monthly or quarterly basis?

Our approach:
Then our workflow for an individual “pixel perfect” layout is ideal for you.
You have the option of creating an entirely new layout directly in the Purple DS® Suite or importing existing layouts, from Adobe InDesign®. All contents and levels can be enhanced with interactive elements and animations – resulting in a highly engaging and entertaining manner and be published  across native apps, websites, and social media.

What would you like to do?
You publish on a monthly basis or more frequently and spend a lot of time turning your print magazine into a mobile-optimized layout? Want to automate processes?

Our approach:
With our Templating Client and article templates tailored to your individual needs, print-2-mobile transformation becomes child’s play!

Furthermore, for customers who want to publish regularly it makes logical sense to automating the publishing process. Until now, when you had contents which was available only as unstructured data in such as InDesign®, it was not possible to set up this type of automation. 

Purple DS Templating Client can structure data in InDesign® quickly and efficiently and format the content for automatated publishing across native apps, websites, and social media. The result: A significant process and cost optimization! 



What would you like to do?
You’d like to publish directly from your CMS on a frequent basis? Want to use automated publishing, and still have the ability to edit content at any time? 

Our approach:

With this option, you can publish contents directly from your Content Management System (CMS), irrespective if you are dealing with an individual article or entire issues. This high-frequency publishing process can be combined with a classic newsstand as well as a free newsfeed linked to full issues which may be available for a fee.

Although you are using content based on pre-defined templates, Purple DS® allows you to enhance or edit content that has already been created. For example this can be done by adding animations or interactive elements within the Purple DS Composer. As a result, editors and creative teams are not constrained by  templates and  if  required can add in additional features.  No programming skills required.

A perfect example of efficiency combined with creativity! 

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Do it yourself or Get it done

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Purple DS® is easy to use, enabling everyone to build their own apps all by themselves. Just download our Purple DS® Starter-Kit and create truly digital content.

If you need help anytime, use our knowledgebase (Help) or contact us for support.
We are happy to assist!

You want to get up to speed as quickly as possible? We can help you shorten the learning curve, when it comes to digital publishing.

Work together with us on your first project and we will point out key reading behaviors, digital publishing challenges and best practices that we have learnt by implementing a whole lot of mobile strategies and publishing projects.

Continue working together with us on your publishing process to make it highly efficient and successful.

You don’t have the resources or don’t want to spend time on creating digital publications? Purple DS® provides you with the resources to get your publication live in time and on budget.

We review the content, provide you with a plan and then deliver the Purple DS® package to you, together with the apps.

You can then upload the apps to the app stores and go back and make changes at any time all by yourself.

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