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Purple DS® covers all you need! And beyond. Without coding.


Purple DS® is the most creative, most flexible and cost-effective tool with cutting-edge features.

Digital Publishing App Customisation Apple Android Kindle blue
App Customisation

100% native apps (iOS, Android and Kindle Fire) in your own corporate design.
Text, buttons, app menu, and more — all dynamically changeable at any time without re-submission.

Digital Publishing CMS System Integration blue
System integration

Connect your existing CMS, entitlement or user/employee database, ad server, third party analytic tools or payment providers. Purple DS® standard API gives you full flexibility.

Digital Publishing Migration Import blue
Migration & Import

Easily migrate single files or complete batches with the Purple DS® Migration Tool from Adobe DPS®, Pugpig®, Oomph®, other platforms and PDF. No interactions or animations will be lost!

Digital Publishing Interactions blue

Integrate videos, pop-ups, audio, image galleries, internal/external links, zoom, feedback forms, rating options, HTML content, action URL to easily link issues, articles or entries in the app, and more!

Digital Publishing Animations blue

Use Purple DS® keyframes to create stunning animations, fade in/outs or morph effects. Engage your audience
with beautiful scene transitions like parallax or soft crossfades. Purple DS® makes everything possible.

Digital Publishing ContinuousReach blue
Continuous Reach

Produce your content once, publish it in your app and share it on social media and website (HTML5, web newsstand). Use newsfeeds for continuous publishing and update your users via push notifications.

Digital Publishing Monetisation blue

Provide in-app purchase and subscription options. Connect entitlement server/user databases and place dynamic ads within any Purple DS® app.

Digital Publishing Analytics blue

Learn what your users love. Measure your impact with the Purple DS® KPI dashboard, or typical analytic tools. Standard interfaces exist for Google Analytics, Appboy, Adjust and Flurry.

Digital Publishing Content Flexibility blue
Content Flexibility

Purple DS® allows you to publish different content for tablet and smartphone — for Android and iOS. Choose
between newsstand/library, single issues or newsfeed. Update your content at any time.

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