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sprylab helps brands and marketers to create genuine content, apps and services. Our products and solutions encourage advanced ways of communication and will help retaining customers and developing new markets.

2803, 2018

App Monetisation: 3 key strategies to start earning money with your apps today

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App Monetisation: 3 key strategies to start earning money with your apps today At the core of every mobile strategy is the question of the specific benefit of apps for your company. In other words, how you can align your app monetisation strategy - directly or indirectly [...]

1303, 2018

Purple DS and Canvasflow fully integrated

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CANVASFLOW INTEGRATION WITH SPRYLAB PURPLE DS Press release from Canvasflow from 19.2.2018 Canvasflow has released its official integration with SPRYLAB’s Purple DS – a leading digital publishing solution. This integration brings the power of Canvasflow - the cloud based authoring solution – to all Purple DS powered apps, says [...]

3101, 2018


By | January 31st, 2018|Categories: Partnerships, Press Release|

WoodWing Software strengthens partnership with SPRYLAB to advance mobile content creation and publishing Global leader in multichannel content creation, WoodWing Software and Premium Technology Partner SPRYLAB announced a milestone in their partnership. SPRYLAB’s Purple DS, mobile app creation software, is now integrated with WoodWing’s Enterprise solution. With this [...]

2212, 2017


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Beautifully designed interactive content meets production efficiency Objective & Initial Situation Together with NewsLifeMedia (NLM) and Woolworths, we have developed an app that stands out in terms of design, functionality and efficiency! Woolworths is Australia's largest supermarket chain, for which NLM regularly publishes a food magazine “Fresh” [...]

712, 2017


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VARIOUS OPTIONS HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR NEWSFEED OR ARTICLES Regularly published newsfeed articles are a great way to stay connected to your audience and to frequently inform your app users about all sorts of relevant news. In a Purple DS app, you can combine a newsstand, for example [...]