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B.Z. is the tabloid newspaper with the highest circulation in Berlin. It is published by B.Z. Ullstein GmbH, a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE. 








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A central new element was added for the successful relaunch of the B.Z. website: The B.Z. reader reporter. SPRYLAB developed this important editorial tool for Berlin’s highest-circulation tabloid, which is also known as “The Voice of Berlin”. Incidentally, B.Z. was one of the first daily newspapers in Germany to go online back in 1997. 

The solution: readers provide input from the capital city

B.Z. has long been asking its readers in Berlin to get active and send exciting or funny stories and photos to the editorial team. With the new B.Z. reader reporter form, this is now possible without e-mail and malware stress. Readers can use the form to upload texts and images and grant permission for their material. This is an important tool for B.Z. editors, allowing them to sift through and filter input from the city.  

Entwickelte Leserreporter für die BZ

The implementation: Cloud-based virus scan and intuitive content management

The most important feature of the B.Z. reader reporter developed by SPRYLAB is a cloud-based virus scan: The texts and photos uploaded by readers are scanned for viruses using an automated process before they are released to the editorial team in the backend. This makes handling the submitted material much easier and more secure. There is also an intuitive content management system. For example, editors can filter user contributions. 

The B.Z. reader reporter was developed and launched by SPRYLAB within a few weeks. Thanks to a specially built test frontend, it was possible to implement the connection of the tool on the customer side within the time schedule.

The end result: the reader reporter is an important editorial tool

The hoped-for success quickly became apparent: contact with readers has become much easier, emails are no longer necessary and the editorial team is delighted with the lively response. The B.Z. reader reporter is an important tool for obtaining exciting information and images at first hand – and therefore an important addition to the content of the website.

Together with SPRYLAB, we have succeeded in creating a reliable and secure B.Z. reader reporter. Our readers can now send photos and texts to our editorial team much more easily and quickly, even via their mobile phones. It's fun to see all the stories from Berlin at a glance.
Larissa Hoppe BZ Kunde
Larissa Hoppe
Head of Online Department B.Z./BILD Berlin-Brandenburg
BZ Leserreporter-Team
The B.Z. team that successfully realised the website relaunch. Photo: B.Z.

About the B.Z.

The B.Z. is Berlin’s strongest tabloid newspaper. It was founded in 1877, originally as Berliner Zeitung, and is published by B.Z. Ullstein GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Springer SE. Since 2021, B.Z. has advertised with the slogan “The voice of Berlin”.

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