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We believe in being proactive, not reactive. Together, we create visionary concepts, test innovative technologies, and develop new digital business models that support you in quickly achieving measurable success and securing your company’s future competitiveness. 

Our services

Technology consulting

Holistic consulting at eye level can solve complex challenges and shape the future. We support you in choosing technology, designing solutions and implementing them with concrete goals, roadmaps and project planning

Research & Development

New technologies can offer great growth potential. In innovation projects, we use prototyping and other methods to evaluate their benefits early, find fields of application and demonstrate their potential.

MVP development

Do you want fast time-tomarket and iterative further development? We use a minimum viable product to systematically validate technological innovations and new business models with real users.

Change and evolution never stop

When dissatisfaction with the status quo meets the will to change, it’s time for digital transformation. However, sustainable success requires more than modern technologies. Companies need to integrate openness, agility and a certain willingness to take risks into their DNA – i.e. next practices instead of best practices. We believe those brave enough to leave rigid, outdated models behind in favour of new approaches will be rewarded with increased competitiveness and market and technology leadership.

Which business model will ensure your success in the future?

Just one example of many: a few years ago, most people booked their holidays at travel agenciestoday, they do it themselves via online platforms. For established companies, the competitive pressure has increased enormously due to the speed of digital change. How will your industry change? Which products and services will be in demand in the future? With the right partner, you can recognise changes at an early stage and develop products or services with new business models that meet your customersneeds.

Die neue digitale Welt ist dezentral

Mit der Dezentralisierung hat der nächste technologische Wandel bereits begonnen. Das Web 3.0 wird das Erzeugen von Vertrauen zwischen Menschen und Maschinen, den Umgang mit Daten und das Durchführen von Transaktionen grundlegend verändern. Auf dem Rücken von IoT, Künstlicher Intelligenz und Blockchain-Technologie eröffnen sich bereits zahlreiche Möglichkeiten für neue Geschäftsmodelle. In Innovationsprojekten erproben wir diese Technologien mit unseren Kund:innen. Damit Sie strategische Technologieentscheidungen fundiert treffen können. 

Do you have an idea but not yet a finished concept?

Others talk about the future; we create it

We are driven by complex technical challenges that question the status quo. We test future-proof technologies for you and continuously develop your product, service or business model.   

AI and ML

Important areas of application for artificial intelligence include efficient supply chain management, intelligent fraud detection, virtual assistants and personalised customer experiences


Blockchains have huge potential, such as ensuring the secure use of health data or automatically processing insurance benefits with smart contracts.   


There is a huge array of possibilities with IoT technology, including parking assistants, automated processing of complete orders in factories, wearables such as wireless blood pressure monitors and much more.

Cloud Services

Agility in the innovation process is almost impossible without the cloud. The biggest advantage is the flexibility of implementation and scaling to respond quickly to change. 

Projects that started as innovative ideas 

image 7

Blockchain network

Demo client for the KILT Protocol, which has now developed into a fully decentralised blockchain network. 

Logo mitunsleben

Care platform

Development of a centralised digital care platform with matching technology for Germany’s largest ecumenical start-up.   

image 7 (1)

AI video platform

The platform enables customers to create professional explainer videos themselves based on an intelligent workflow. 

image 7 (2)

Big data in real-time

The platform’s architecture enables football data to be imported, processed and refined in real-time.  

image 7 (3)

SaaS product with AI module

Design and development of digital publishing software with integrated AI features. Purple DS counts numerous international publishers among its customers. 

image 7 (4)

Highly scalable website

During the further development of the easyCredit-BBL website, we set up a highly scalable data hub with live and non-live statistics, among other things. 

Would you like to turn your digital idea into reality? Talk to us!

We are driven by exciting and challenging innovation projects. If you are looking for an IT service provider to grow with, we are the right partner for you.

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