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As an experienced Directus partner agency, we support large companies and SMEs in the planning and implementation of customised platforms, websites and apps that give them a decisive boost to digitalisation and efficiency.

_Our use cases

Directus - the 3 most suitable use cases


Administration backend

The unique combination of flexibility, open source nature, API-first approach, ease of use, security and scalability makes Directus an excellent choice for the rapid implementation of your backend functions. Especially for platform projects.


Headless CMS

Large and medium-sized companies that need a flexible headless CMS solution cannot do without Directus. With Directus you can manage your content independent of the output platform and use it on different websites and apps.


Data platform

The flexibility of Directus makes it easy to model complex data and adapt to changing requirements. As a Directus agency, we import, export and synchronise your data from external sources to enable centralised data management.

_Our services

As a Directus agency, customised applications are our speciality

We help your company to implement your platform with Directus and deliver the corresponding application at the same time. Our 70 experts in software development, strategy, design and project management will guide you from idea to finished product.

We help your company implement your platform with Directus and deliver the corresponding app at the same time. Our 70 experts from the fields of software development, strategy, design and project management will accompany you from the idea to the finished product.

Consultancy & needs analysis

Consulting at eye level leads to a deep understanding of your needs and avoids time-consuming mistakes. We conduct a situation analysis, including interviews, workshops and prototyping. The result is the most appropriate solution for your business case.

Backend development

Your backend is the foundation for data processing, user experience and scalability. As a Directus agency, we provide you with a powerful foundation for your web and mobile applications. Directus also offers a flexible administration interface.

Frontend development

Are user satisfaction and low cancellation rates important to you? With Directus we separate your data management from the frontend. This gives you full control and allows us to design everything to your needs – without the restrictions of templates.

Development of extensions

Custom extensions leave nothing to be desired for your customers and colleagues. We develop custom features for your specific needs and extend the features of your backend. Directus offers the best basis for this, especially in the area of data.

Connection of data sources

With Directus you can organise your data and content effortlessly, saving you time and resources. We connect your different data sources via a REST or GraphQL API. This allows you to meet all the requirements of modern applications and websites.

Integration into the system landscape

No data consistency and error-free workflows without seamless integration with your existing systems. As a Directus agency, we integrate your application into your system landscape and optimise your workflows to enable sustainable business growth.

_How we proceed

Our proven approach for your successful Directus project

Developing platforms, databases or applications with multiple internal and external APIs can be a complex task. This is why we rely on our proven project approach, which offers you maximum flexibility. As a Directus agency, our strengths lie in our experience with Directus, our technological expertise and our speed.

Directus Agentur Workshop

Brainstorming & analysis

Consulting at eye level leads to a deep understanding of your needs and avoids time-consuming mistakes. We conduct a comprehensive requirements analysis including interviews, workshops and prototyping. The result is the most suitable solution for your business case based on Directus.

Structured brainstorming Actual analysis Discover potential
Directus Agentur Workshop

Conception & Design

Once we have established the requirements and objectives of your Directus project, we will work closely with you to develop a bespoke concept. Our designers have a reputation for creating user-friendly interfaces and taking your users’ needs into account from the outset.

Interactive prototypes User Interfaces Technological Standards
Directus Agentur Konzeption
Directus Agentur Konzeption
Directus Agentur Agile Entwicklung

Agile development

Our software engineers implement your platform or application in sprints. In close dialogue with our experienced Directus project team, you can keep an eye on quality, time and costs at all times. This proven approach ensures that the end result meets your expectations.

Guaranteed quality Maximum flexibility Complete transparency
Directus Agentur Agile Entwicklung

Quality assurance

You expect your Directus agency to ensure that your software works reliably and without errors. That’s why we test your Directus application on a variety of devices, operating systems, screen sizes and processor speeds. Both manually and automatically, and at all stages of the project.

In all phases Extensive testing Zero fault tolerance
Directus Agentur QA
Directus Agentur QA
Directus Agentur Roll-out


Our Directus project teams understand that, in addition to quality, speed is critical for our clients. That’s why we make sure that your platform or application goes live on the agreed date. In the first few weeks after the go-live, we keep a close eye on your software and monitor it closely.

Carefree go-live Timely delivery Stability and security
Directus Agentur Roll-out

Operation &
further development

With us you have the choice: either we take over the operation of your Directus backend and offer you comprehensive support, or we support your internal IT department in the operation of the new software. We will always keep you up to date with the necessary updates and useful enhancements.

Horizontal scaling Secure hosting Fast support
Directus Agentur Analyse
Directus Agentur Analyse
_Why us

With SPRYLAB as your Directus agency, your software project will exceed expectations

Do you want more efficiency, turnover or digital dynamism for your company? Our expertise and experience with Directus guarantees you a successful software project in terms of time, budget and quality.

Do you want more efficiency, turnover or digital dynamism for your company? Our expertise and experience with Directus guarantees you a successful software project in terms of time, budget and quality.

 Achieving goals at (almost) any price

Our software engineers are enthusiastic about tackling the most difficult and ambitious tasks and solving complex problems with Directus. Almost nothing is impossible in our software projects.

Fast, agile and cost-efficient 

We prioritise speed and quality in all our Directus projects. Prototyping, wireframing and short iteration cycles allow us to quickly implement and continuously improve technologies.

100% reliable and transparent 

Our clients trust us with their most important projects because we have delivered results for over 16 years. 83% of our business comes from referrals. Why? Because we deliver what we promise.

Holistic foresight  

We have gained insight into almost 100 organisations and know why software projects fail. That’s why we analyse your IT infrastructure and workflows to ensure your project is a success.

Sincere sparring partner  

Tricky challenges cannot be solved alone. As a Directus agency at eye level, we scrutinise mediocre ideas and address uncomfortable truths. Only in this way can we achieve the best.

_Who we work with

Over 80 CMS projects
successfully completed

Referenz Sodexo

Self-Service Portal

Realisation of an efficient self-service portal for Germany and Austria, a multi-vendor marketplace and a payment function in the app via NFC.

image 7 (24)

Highly scalable website

Development of the website and app with a new data backend and scalable live architecture. Introduction of the headless CMS from Directus for over 20 editors.

Ringier Logo

E-commerce websites

Modernisation of 14 subscription shops and two book shops. As a long-standing technology partner, we have developed a powerful IT infrastructure including Directus CMS.

Directus Agentur Referenz DRF
Logo DRF

Fast website relaunch

Relaunch of the website as well as the iOS and Android apps for DRF Luftrettung based on Directus as administration backend and content management system.

B.Z. Logo

Virus-free reader reporter

Development of the reader reporter as an important editorial tool as part of the website relaunch. Including cloud-based virus scan and intuitive content management.

Berliner Dom Logo

Modern community app

Conception and implementation of a hybrid app for a modern digital church experience, especially for participants outside the core congregation.

What customers say about us as a Directus agency

Jan Rohrbach
Jan Rohrbach

Project Manager at Ringier
Axel Springerr

Jan Rohrbach

Project Manager at Ringier Axel

“The collaboration with SPRYLAB was characterised by deep trust, commitment and high quality. The team enjoys breaking new ground, always thinks along with us and has provided us with excellent support on the way to further increasing our digital business.”

Natalie Deininger
Natalie Deininger

Project management MIKA

Natalie Deininger

Project management MIKA

“SPRYLAB contributed greatly to the successful development of the MIKA-Game® app in terms of time, budget and quality. We are very pleased that we can continue to trust SPRYLAB as our reliable and competent IT partner for further development.”

Dr. Jan Kingreen für digitale Kirche
Dr. Jan Kingreen

Managing Director at Berliner Dom

“SPRYLAB impressed us with its professionalism. Thanks to the agile cooperation, we were able to realise our project in just ten weeks. This significantly increases the reach of Berlin Cathedral as a place of living faith and as a tourist attraction”

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We are driven by exciting and challenging software projects. If you are looking for an Directus partner agency to grow with, we are the right partner for you. 

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Arthur Silber

Managing Director

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_Frequently asked questions


Directus is particularly suitable for companies that need a flexible solution to manage their data and content. Directus has proven to be a headless CMS for companies that have a multi-channel presence and require cross-channel content management. In particular, the following companies benefit from Directus:

  • Large companies: Companies with complex data structures and extensive data management requirements can benefit from the flexibility and scalability of Directus. Directus provides an excellent basis for developing customised solutions that meet the specific requirements of large organisations. In addition, security features and the ability to meet compliance requirements such as GDPR make Directus particularly attractive for companies managing sensitive data.
  • Medium-sized businesses: As a mid-sized organisation, you can use Directus to efficiently manage and scale your digital platforms and applications. Directus offers a powerful solution for companies that want to centrally manage their data and content without sacrificing flexibility and adaptability. The headless approach enables seamless integration with various front-end technologies, making it easier for you as a mid-sized company to develop and customise your digital platforms and applications.
  • Startups: Startups can also use Directus as a basis to quickly and cost-effectively develop scalable solutions for their digital platforms. Directus offers an easy-to-use platform that allows you as a startup to focus on your core business while building a solid foundation for growth. Directus also provides you with proven built-in security features that allow you to meet compliance requirements with minimal effort - this is especially important if your startup manages sensitive data.

Yes, Directus has been designed to comply with the Datenschutz-Grundverordnung ("DSGVO") and offers settings that allow you to meet all requirements. This includes features for user authentication, access control, data encryption and the ability to perform data deletion. Directus enables your organisation to make the processing of personal data transparent, thus ensuring data protection in your applications and processes.  

In addition, it is crucial to understand that DSGVO compliance does not depend solely on the software, but in particular on its implementation and use. Organisations using Directus are responsible for ensuring that they take all necessary steps to comply with DSGVO regulations and protect personal data. This includes setting up data protection policies, training employees and conducting regular security checks.

Yes, as open source software, Directus offers the option to host the platform on-premise. This means that you can install and run Directus on your own servers or infrastructure instead of relying on cloud-based hosting services. This gives you more control over your data and allows you to configure the platform according to your own needs.

You can also run Directus via cloud services if you want to outsource the responsibility for infrastructure and hosting. The decision whether to host Directus on-premises or in the cloud depends on your individual preferences, security requirements and technical capabilities - as a Directus agency we will realise your ideas accordingly.

Here are six reasons why we love using Directus in our projects:

  1. Flexibility: Directus offers you a high degree of flexibility in data modelling and content management. This means you can create custom data structures and organise content according to your own needs.
  2. Headless approach: As a headless content management system, Directus separates your backend from your frontend. This allows seamless integration with different front-end technologies and platforms.
  3. API-first approach: Directus takes an API-first approach, allowing you to access, update and manage your content through a powerful programming interface. This makes it easy to integrate with external systems and services.
  4. Ease of use: Directus offers an intuitive interface that allows you to capture, edit and manage content efficiently. And there's no need for extensive training.
  5. Security: Directus offers very robust security features. These include access controls, user authentication and data encryption to ensure the security of your data.
  6. Scalability: Directus is highly scalable and can keep pace with your organisation's growing needs. This means you can easily expand and scale your digital platforms and applications over time.

The best way to access the data in Directus is to use the powerful API. You can retrieve, update, create and delete your data via the interface. You can also send HTTP requests to the API to access your data. Directus supports various data formats, such as JSON and GraphQL, for a variety of different requirements. In addition, Directus provides an intuitive user interface for human users to access and manage your data, especially if you don't want to program.

Directus takes the security of its platform very seriously. It has therefore implemented a number of security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. This includes in particular these 6 areas:

  1. Access controls: Directus offers comprehensive access controls that allow your administrators to control access to data and functions based on the roles and permissions of your users.
  2. User authentication: Directus supports multiple authentication methods including username/password, OAuth and Single Sign-On (SSO). This ensures that only authorised users can access your platform.
  3. Data encryption: Directus offers encryption features to protect your data during transmission and storage and to ensure confidentiality.
  4. Security Updates: The Directus team regularly releases security updates and patches to fix potential security vulnerabilities and protect the platform from known threats.
  5. Security checks: Directus performs regular security checks. This is to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities. You can also rest assured that your platform meets the latest security standards.
  6. Community Support: The Directus community plays an increasingly important role in identifying and fixing security issues by providing feedback, contributions and fixes.

Directus is an open source data platform and headless CMS that allows you to efficiently manage all your digital content and data. It is specifically designed to provide flexibility and customisation for businesses with an API-first approach. This allows you to separate your content from the presentation and deliver it across multiple channels and platforms. With Directus, your team can create custom data structures, manage content and seamlessly integrate it into your applications and websites. It also provides features such as user authentication, access control and encryption to ensure the security of your data.

Some of our selected customer projects as Directus agency can be found above. In addition, the following well-known companies use Directus as an administrative backend, headless CMS or data platform Tripadvisor, Adobe, Bose, T-Mobile, Mercedes-Benz, Johnson & Johnson, Ducati and Prada.