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Are you looking for a partner for web app development? As an experienced web app agency with a holistic view, we are the reliable choice for your project.

Web-App-Agentur für Web-App-Entwicklung OptoVision Referenz
Web-App-Agentur für Web-App-Entwicklung OptoVision Referenz

SPRYLAB as a web app agency

They are web apps that enable all the cool services on the internet. Such solutions are independent of the operating system. They only need a browser and can be used on any device, via smartphone, tablet, desktop or as a mobile web app.

Customer examples

Selected projects of our web app development


Innovative care platform

Development of the central digital care platform for the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany.


Complex benefits shop

We integrated ePay into the multi-vendor shop and took over the complete partner management.


Modern subscription shop

Relaunch of the Blick online kiosk, including development of a modern subscription management system for print and digital subscribers.

Logo Institut für Spielanalyse

Big data in real time

The architecture of the web application enables the import, processing and refinement of football data in real time.

Optovision Logo

Secure analysis software

Web app with retinal screening analysis software that provides B2B customers with an analysis within minutes.

What we do

Our services in web app development

Group 17
Technology consulting & evaluation

Are you thinking about digitisation initiatives or do you have specific services in mind that you would like to offer on the web? But you’re not sure how to get to the finished service or how to develop it? As a web app agency, we can do a reality check with you and help you to realise your plan.

Group 18
Strategy & conception

Are you ready to take your plan to the next level, define the features of your software and start developing web apps? Good. We’ll sit down together, map out your idea in a project plan and ‘translate’ it into technology.

Group 24
Development as an external partner

As a web app agency, we use agile approaches and frameworks, and our developers and project managers regularly share ideas with you. This way you can see how your web app is constantly growing.

Bildschirme für Web App Entwicklung
Beispiel für Web App Entwicklung
Brief explanation

Web app development

What is web app development?

Web applications are used in browsers. They are not primarily mobile apps, nor are they dependent on operating systems such as iOS and Android. This is why they are also called Google Chrome apps, Web apps for Firefox or Apple Web apps, among others. The browser acts as the input and output window, while the server processes the data in the background. Both factors need to be taken into account when building web apps.

What problems do web apps solve?

The possibilities of web apps are almost unlimited. They work in the background of many services. Typical web app examples are Google Docs or Facebook.

What are the biggest advantages of web app development?

These platform-independent solutions (cross-platform apps) offer low costs and high development speed with a wide range of services. A download is not necessary. Progressive web apps can be used for offline use.

How we work

Web app development process

We work professionally according to our established web app development process model. This covers six phases, from conception and roll-out to operation and further development including agility and quality assurance.

Strategie Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Strategie Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Group 5

Idea & Strategy (Workshop)

From your business idea to web app design: The key results of our kick-off workshop are an analysis and a clear, realisable strategy as the basis for the next steps.We utilise our planning and consulting experience.


Conception & Design

Step two: Create the concept for your app, including the web app design and UI design, because the web app concept must aim for a high level of usability through excellent user interfaces.

Konzept Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Konzept Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Entwicklung Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Entwicklung Phase der Web App Entwicklung

Agile development

Agile methods and frameworks are our tools of the trade when it comes to app programming.This also means that our developers and project managers regularly keep you up to date with agile app development.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance in all project phases is an integral part of web app development. Fast troubleshooting through regular automated and manual testing creates a web app that is a pleasure for all parties: efficient, fail-safe and with a strong user experience.

Qualitätsanalyse Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Qualitätsanalyse Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Roll-out Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Roll-out Phase der Web App Entwicklung


Your go-live date is our goal. We will provide you with your version for the web app go-live on time so that you can market the service to your customers, for example as an app in the Chrome Web Store.


Operation & further development

As a web app agency, we know: The go-live is just the start. Web apps thrive on updates and new versions for a perfect B2B or B2C marketing presence. The continuous maintenance of your web app includes new features and technical upgrades, e.g. optimisations for increasing traffic.

Weiterentwicklung Phase der Web App Entwicklung
Weiterentwicklung Phase der Web App Entwicklung

Technology and programming languages

HTML5, for example, plays an important role in the web app development of such cross-platform apps (HTML5 App). We also programme web apps with tools such as Java, Python, CSS and JavaScript. We use Angular, React and Java/Spring as web app frameworks.

Tech Stack für die Web App Entwicklung
Tech Stack für die Web App Entwicklung
Costs and duration

How expensive is the development of a web app?

How long does it take to develop a web app for your use case? What will it cost?

Share your idea with us – and we will give you a concrete estimate of the project duration and price from the perspective of a web app agency. We know how web app costs are made up and will be happy to show you.

If you choose us to develop your web application, we will use our resources efficiently. This will reduce the cost of the project. We work closely with you to agree deadlines, objectives and services.

Why us

Reasons why SPRYLAB

Customer orientation

Transparency and customer service are our priorities when it comes to project management. We ensure regular communication and flexible project management – including a dedicated point of contact.

Speed & efficiency

The same applies to web apps: speed is key – for your competitive edge. That’s why we also provide fast demo versions for testing with users, for example.


Usability or user experience is a critical success factor. Error-free code is a given, so that users enjoy using your service.


We create agile apps for you according to the motto “app first”, which utilise the latest technologies to help you stand out on the market with innovative services.


As a web app agency, we prioritise customer focus, fairness and trust. Our customers can rely on us.


App developers with insight: Benefit from the many years of expertise of our team of programmers in Berlin for your web app development.

Specific industry knowledge

Group 21

With responsive apps and software for automotive companies, we contribute to the brand image of European OEMs.

Group 14
Health & Social Affairs

Service apps for the social and health care sector are familiar territory for us. For mitunsleben we developed a web application to navigate through care services.

Shape 2
Media & Publishers

Numerous international publishers use responsive apps from us – for example, Die Welt provides its e-papers with one of our tools.

Shape 3

We also develop web apps for the financial system – including data security. Our solutions for e-commerce generally support data processing in financial processes.

Shape 4

We are exploiting the potential of web apps for insurance companies with a platform for an incentive programme for proactive driving.

Shape 5

Our project list also includes applications, apps and platforms for the sports environment, realised for a fitness chain, for example.

Web App Agentur bei der Arbeit im Büro
Web App Agentur bei der Arbeit im Büro
Customer quotes

What our customers say

SPRYLAB implemented our benefits shop extremely quickly and professionally. Keyword great service: The team is very agile and so even unforeseeable, sudden requirements were no problem.

Web App Entwicklung Referenz Jasmin Grünig
Jasmin Grünig
Senior Product Manager Payments at Sodexo

We have been working successfully with SPRYLAB for many years. The team always thinks along with us and provides great impulses. They also work at breathtaking speed!

Web App Entwicklung Referenz Martin Werren
Martin Werren
Project Manager Technology & Data at Ringier

In SPRYLAB we have found an absolutely competent service provider for the development of our platform. The professional consulting approach as well as the fast and reliable realisation of the platform convinced us very much.

Web App Entwicklung Referenz Cornelia Röper
Cornelia Röper
Managing Director at mitunsleben

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