Building processes and systems differently – with AI

Generative AI is a disruptor for numerous business models. Together, we examine whether and how you can utilise Artificial Intelligence in a meaningful way. We evaluate your processes and systems, identify potential and develop technical solutions. Our claim? Transparent consulting that makes AI understandable, assessable and applicable. 

Intelligent software for a new level of efficiency and performance

AI is no longer an experimental topic; it’s a real game changer. Our transformation experience supports you in simplifying and improving your workflows with trustworthy AI. To this end, we have established a project process that allows maximum flexibility. 


Analysis & consulting

Do you want to understand at which point AI can give you a head start in your value chain? In individual workshops, we analyse your current situation, evaluate realistic solution approaches and develop a clear roadmap 

Structured Brainstorming
Actual Analysis
Discovering Potential

Research & Development

Out of the ivory tower and into reality. As part of a shortinnovation spike“, we create an AI prototype that demonstrates the potential for your use case and also clearly shows the necessary limitations and preconditions. The result is a deep understanding of the problem and the certainty of how AI can help you.

Interactive Prototypes

User Interfaces Technological Standards


Expansion to MVP

We use a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development approach to develop your prototype into a productive system. Through proven iteration cycles and usage analyses, you will quickly learn which features your customers value the most and which improvements you should make.  


Do you have an idea but not yet a finished concept?

Typical use cases


Extracting information from documents, emails and chats reduces your manual workload. We create automated processes that save your employees‘ time. 

Data preparation

AI can analyse and process unstructured data, e.g. from existing systems, websites or documents. We develop technology that allows you to draw conclusions faster.   


AI can generate text quickly. However, we believe its strength lies in the personalisation of content, e.g. contextual support or customisation.   

Speech recognition

Language models have also improved the processing of linguistically complex data sets. We enable automated transcripts or intelligent voice-to-voice communication 


Recommendation and matchmaking models are not new, but they are even more effective thanks to large language models. We match your supply with demand in the best possible way. 

The current state of development of Artificial Intelligence

What AI can do

AI has made huge progress in recent years. Language models such as GPT-3 and GPT-4 have achieved a level of language understanding never seen before and are already able to move into areas previously reserved for humans. Of course, there will still be software without AI in 2024,  but we are certain that sooner rather than later, AI will trigger widespread change in many organisations. The potential is simply too great for a cautious forecast. 

Trustworthy AI systems

The biggest risks of AI are compliance, data security, controllability and ethical conflicts. How do we deal with them? Proactively. We document the development of our AI systems transparently and comprehensibly. We also work closely with you on a technical and procedural level to recognise potential risks at an early stage. This enables us to integrate the appropriate safeguards into your workflows and systems. 

Our technology stack

Over 15 AI projects
successfully completed


Video platform with AI

The platform enables customers to create professional explainer videos themselves based on an intelligent workflow. We were able to accompany the further development for almost three years 


Matchmaking platform

Creation of the nationwide information, advice and placement portal for care services for Germany’s largest ecumenical start-up.   


Retina Care platform

The platform offers high-precision eye screening based on AI-based software. The solution analyses images of the retina using vector-based algorithms in under a minute.

Purple Logo neu Farbe

SaaS product with AI

Design and development of digital publishing software with integrated AI features. Purple DS counts numerous international publishers among its customers 

Coachinho Logo

Digital training

Coachinho worked with SPRYLAB to refine its business model and rolled out an initial app version internationally as an MVP in just under three months 

Weka als KI Referenz Sprylab
WEKA Medien Logo

AI module integrated

Automated internal linking with AI based on Purple DS’ integrated content intelligence. 

Learn more? 1,294 webinar participants have already learnt about AI for free with SPRYLAB

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We are driven by exciting and challenging AI projects. If you are looking for an IT service provider to grow with, we are the right partner for you. 

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