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As an experienced (headless) CMS agency, we support large and medium-sized companies and organisations in the design and implementation of customised classic and headless content management systems that give them a decisive boost in digitalisation and efficiency.

_CMS Advantages

The top 3 reasons to use a modern CMS

There are many reasons why it makes sense for you to adopt a modern CMS. Firstly, it enables your company to manage its online presence more effectively. This often leads to increased user satisfaction, a better brand image and ultimately increased sales and competitiveness.


Central content management

Free your teams from the need to re-create content. With a modern CMS, you can efficiently manage and update content across all your channels. This leads to better content management and increased production by promoting consistency, saving time and resources and making it easier to scale.


User friendliness

Finally independent of developers. A powerful CMS solution that puts content creation and management within the reach of non-technical users. Intuitive interfaces, simple editing options, SEO features, automated publishing and multi-language support ensure faster publishing and increased efficiency.



Your users and customers no longer have to compromise. A headless CMS separates your computing from the user interface. This gives you the freedom to optimise your content for specific audiences and devices, and allows you to integrate seamlessly with different front-end technologies.

_Our services

As a CMS agency, customised systems are our speciality

We can help your business implement your bespoke CMS, build your website and deliver the app to go with it. Our 70 experts in software development, strategy, design and project management will take you from the initial idea to the final result.

We help your company with the implementation of your customised CMS and the realisation of your website and deliver the corresponding app at the same time. Our 70 experts in the fields of software development, strategy, design and project management will support you from the initial idea to the final result.


Consultancy provides a deep understanding of your needs and helps to avoid mistakes. We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your relevant workflows and specific requirements. The result is a CMS solution that is perfectly tailored to your business case.


We can provide you with the advice and support you need to migrate to a new classic or headless CMS that will meet your growing needs. In doing so, we will make sure that the functionality and user experience of your website will be maintained.

Backend development

The backend is the foundation for your data processing, user experience and scalability. As a headless CMS agency, we provide you with a strong foundation for your web and apps. In addition, most systems offer a customisable administration interface.

Front-end development

If high user satisfaction is your priority, a headless CMS is the best solution. By separating the backend from the frontend, we have full control and can design your frontend to your specifications, without the constraints of pre-built layouts or designs.

Development of extensions

Tailored extensions leave nothing to be desired for your customers and employees. We extend the functionality of your backend by developing custom features according to your needs.
The best place to start is with a headless CMS.

Integration into the system landscape

Without integration into your existing systems, there is no data consistency. As a CMS agency, we ensure seamless integration of your new solution into your system landscape and optimise your workflows to promote your sustainable business growth.

_How we proceed

Our tried-and-tested approach for your successful web project

We have extensive experience in developing websites, platforms and apps that utilise various internal and external APIs. Large-scale web development can be complex – that’s why we’ve developed a proven project approach that gives you maximum flexibility. As a CMS agency, we bring extensive knowledge of different technologies, the deep expertise of our project teams and a knack for working quickly.

Headless CMS Agentur mit Workshop

Needs analysis

Consultation at eye level allows us to better understand your needs and avoid time-consuming mistakes. If necessary, we will carry out a thorough analysis of your requirements, which may include interviews, workshops and the creation of prototypes. In the end, we will find the CMS solution, whether classic or headless, that best suits your specific use case.

Structured brainstorming

Actual analysis
Discover potential

Headless CMS Agentur mit Workshop

Conception & Design

In order for us to seamlessly integrate your CMS into your day-to-day operations, it is important that your users can easily navigate the application. Our software developers evaluate suitable technologies and present implementation proposals. At the same time, our UX designers create an intuitive user interface with all the necessary features, until you are completely satisfied with the prototype.

Interactive prototypes

User Interfaces Technological Standards

Headless CMS Agentur Konzeption
Headless CMS Agentur Konzeption
Headless CMS Agentur Entwicklung

Agile development

Once your concept is complete, our focus is on implementation. This is where the wheat is often separated from the chaff. That’s why, as a headless CMS agency, we use agile methods such as Scrum to work in iterative sprints. We stay in close contact with you so that your project takes shape step by step and you can actively influence it. This ensures that the end product meets your expectations and achieves your original goals.

Guaranteed quality

Maximum flexibility
Complete transparency

Headless CMS Agentur Entwicklung

Quality assurance

It’s only natural that your content teams expect your new CMS to run smoothly. That’s why we’ve built quality assurance into every step of our development process. In addition to functional testing, we also check the usability of your site on all relevant devices and operating systems to ensure that it meets the needs of your users and target audience.

In all phases

Extensive testing
Zero fault tolerance

Headless CMS Agentur Qualitätsanalyse
Headless CMS Agentur Qualitätsanalyse
Headless CMS Agentur Go-Live


Before the go-live, we will help you implement your new CMS system in your organisation, taking the time to train your teams. We take great care to ensure that you and your staff can quickly and confidently get to grips with the new solution. Even after the roll-out, we will keep a close eye on your CMS during the first days and weeks to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Carefree go-live

Timely delivery
Stability and security

Headless CMS Agentur Go-Live

Operation &
Further development

CMS systems require constant maintenance, whether on your own servers or in the cloud. As a CMS agency, we can take over the cost-effective operation, scaling and optimisation of your CMS. By analysing your usage data, we can identify areas for improvement and, if necessary, recommend further strategy sessions to help you realise the full potential of your website and CMS system.

Horizontal scaling

Secure hosting
Fast support

Headless CMS Agentur Betrieb
Headless CMS Agentur Betrieb
_Our Tech Stack

As a headless CMS agency, complex requirements are our passion

As a CMS agency, complex requirements are our passion

Depending on your specific business case, we use different content management systems and adapt them to your individual requirements and existing IT infrastructure. As a headless CMS agency, we also offer advice on the best hosting options. This can include using major cloud providers such as AWS or Azure, hosting on your own servers or using smaller providers. The CMS systems we most often use are Contentful, Directus, WordPress and Purple.

CMS Entwicklung Technologie Contentful


Contentful is known for its user-friendly interface and flexible content modelling, making it ideal for your business if you want to distribute content across multiple channels, such as websites, apps and IoT devices.

CMS Entwicklung Technologie Directus


Directus offers you maximum flexibility through its open source nature and direct database manipulation. This makes it a great choice for large and medium-sized companies that need a highly customisable CMS solution.

CMS Entwicklung Technologie WordPress


WordPress is characterised by its ease of use, a huge selection of plugins and themes and an active community, making it the perfect choice for your business website if you have a lot of different content.

Purple Logo neu


Purple is a digital publishing platform for publishers and companies with a lot of content. The software consists of three modules that allow you to create multichannel experiences and flexibly expand your editorial offering.

CMS Entwicklung weitere Technologien

Other expertise

The development of CMS solutions not only requires specialist knowledge of CMS tools, but in particular expertise in programming languages and frameworks. These include Java, React and HTML5, for example.

_Headless CMS

Headless CMS explained simply

A headless CMS simplifies the production, storage and management of your digital content – for your editors, marketers and content creators. You only have to create your content once, which saves a significant amount of time in content management.

This allows your teams to focus on what matters most: the quality and impact of the content on your audience. Software developers also benefit from unlimited connectivity and extensibility, as your data management, e-commerce or CRM systems can be integrated quickly and seamlessly. Developers also have the freedom to choose their own programming languages and tools.

In addition to your content teams, headless CMS also offers your end customers many benefits. With streamlined workflows and cutting-edge technology, they get a fast, on-demand, high-quality user experience.

_Why us

With SPRYLAB as your CMS agency, your online presence will exceed expectations

Whether you are looking for increased efficiency, revenue growth or innovative content management software solutions. We can help you with our expertise and experience in developing your bespoke CMS system. You can rely on us to deliver your web presence within your budget, with the highest quality and on time.

Whether you are looking for increased efficiency, revenue growth or innovative content management software solutions. We can help you with our expertise and experience in developing your bespoke CMS system. You can rely on us to deliver your web presence within your budget, with the highest quality and on time.

Proven expertise

We have built up in-depth expertise in over 80 CMS projects. Our software engineers are passionate about first simplifying and then solving your biggest challenges.

Fast, agile and cost-efficient 

Digital awakening – right now? As a headless CMS agency, we strike a balance between quality and speed. Thanks to agile methods and experienced project teams.

100% reliable and transparent 

In 16 years of software development, we have always delivered on our promises – 83% of our new business comes from referrals.

Holistic foresight 

After more than 200 customer projects, we know exactly why ambitious CMS projects fail. We make sure your project is set up for success from the start.

Honest sparring partner

Powerful CMS solutions are created as a team. We advise you honestly and at eye level. If necessary, we will tell you the uncomfortable truth.

_Who we work with

Over 80 CMS projects
successfully completed

Headless CMS Agentur Referenz Sodexo

Self-Service Portal

Implementation of an efficient self-service portal for Germany and Austria, a multi-vendor marketplace and an in-app payment function via NFC.

image 7 (24)

Highly scalable website

Development of website and app with new data backend and scalable live architecture. Launched Directus headless CMS for over 20 editors.

Ringier Logo

E-commerce websites

Modernisation of 14 subscription shops and two book shops. As a long-standing technology partner, we have developed a powerful IT infrastructure, including a headless CMS.


Matchmaking platform

Creation of the national information, advice and referral portal for care services for the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany.

Headless CMS Agentur Referenz DRF
Logo DRF

Fast website relaunch

Relaunch of the website as well as the iOS and Android apps for the DRF Luftrettung based on a headless Directus CMS as administration backend and content management system.


Video platform with AI

Development of an intuitive data platform with efficient processes. The platform enables customers to create professional explainer videos themselves based on an intelligent workflow.

What customers say about us as a CMS agency

Portal Entwicklung Referenz Jasmin Grünig
Jasmin Grünig

Senior Product Manager Payments at Sodexo

Jasmin Grünig

Senior Product Manager Payments at Sodexo

“SPRYLAB implemented our benefits shop extremely quickly and professionally. The team is very agile, so even unforeseen, sudden requirements were no problem”.

Portal Entwicklung Referenz Martin Werren
Martin Werren

Projektleiter Technology & Data
bei Ringier

Martin Werren

Project Manager Technology & Data at Ringier

“We have been working successfully with SPRYLAB for many years. The team always thinks along with us and gives us great ideas. They also work with breathtaking speed!”

Natalie Deininger
Natalie Deininger

Projektleitung MIKA

Natalie Deininger

Project management MIKA

“SPRYLAB contributed significantly to the successful development of the MIKA-Game® app in terms of time, budget and quality. We are very pleased that we can continue to rely on SPRYLAB as a reliable and competent IT partner for further development.”

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_Frequently asked questions


A content management system (CMS) is software for creating, organising, editing and publishing digital content. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows your users to manage content such as text, images, video and other media elements without the need for programming skills. A CMS allows you to work with multiple users simultaneously to create and manage content. You can also define roles and permissions to control access to specific functions and content. There are different types of CMS, including classic CMS and headless CMS, which differ in their architecture and functionality. Overall, a CMS makes it easier for you to manage and update your websites and other digital platforms by simplifying the process of creating and publishing content.

Overall, traditional and headless CMS solutions offer you different advantages and disadvantages depending on your project requirements and goals. Traditional CMS systems are better suited if a standard website is enough for you. Whereas headless CMS systems offer you significantly more flexibility and control - this is particularly useful if your use case is more customised and complex. Here are the three main differences from our point of view:

1 Architecture

Traditional CMS: Close connection between frontend and backend. You can create your content using predefined templates. Your flexibility is limited.

Headless CMS: Separation of content management and presentation. Your content is provided via an API and can be accessed by various frontend applications. You have maximum flexibility.

2 Development speed

Traditional CMS: Faster development thanks to ready-made templates.

Headless CMS: Possibly slightly slower development, but 100% control over the frontend design.

3 Scalability

Traditional CMS: Limited scalability due to the close connection between frontend and backend.

Headless CMS: Higher scalability as frontend and backend are independent of each other.

These CMS solutions are used in a variety of industries and for a wide range of applications, from small business websites to large enterprise platforms. Choosing the right CMS depends on your specific requirements, your budget and the technical capabilities of your organisation. The most important and widely used systems include:

  • WordPress: One of the most popular CMS worldwide and is characterised by its user-friendliness, large community, expandability through plugins and themes as well as its versatility.
  • TYPO3: An open source CMS known for its scalability, extensive functionality and ability to create multilingual and complex websites. It is often used in companies and organisations.
  • Drupal: A powerful and flexible CMS that is also known for its scalability, security and ability to create complex websites. It is particularly suitable for companies and organisations with advanced requirements.
  • Joomla: A user-friendly CMS that is characterised by its flexibility, wide range of extensions and the ability to manage medium to large websites.
  • Directus: An Open-Source-Headless-CMS that offers flexibility, speed and powerful backend content management. It is particularly suitable for projects with high customisation requirements.
  • Magento: An e-commerce platform that is characterised by its performance, flexibility and the ability to create large online shops. It is particularly suitable for companies with complex e-commerce requirements.
  • Purple: Our own platform for digital publishing, which is tailored to news portals for publishers and companies with a lot of content. There are also integrated AI modules for automatic linking of articles, for example.

The cost of a CMS project can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. These include the complexity of the project, the choice of CMS, your design requirements and the amount of custom development. Implementation times can also vary greatly and depend on similar factors. Careful planning in advance and working with an experienced CMS agency such as ourselves can help to optimise your costs and minimise project duration.

Good question. These four points in particular ensure that your customised CMS complies with the applicable GDPR regulations and takes appropriate account of your users' data protection:

  1. Data protection by design and default settings: We ensure that your CMS is developed from the outset in such a way that data protection principles are taken into account. This includes the implementation of a design including default settings that activate common data protection measures by default.
  2. Consent of your users: As a headless CMS agency, we provide you with mechanisms in your system to obtain, document and manage the consent of your users for the processing of their personal data. This includes transparent privacy policies and terms of use as well as the option for users to withdraw their consent.
  3. Data security: We implement appropriate security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data. This includes encryption, access controls and regular security checks.
  4. Rights of the data subjects: We use selected mechanisms to support the rights of data subjects in accordance with the GDPR. These include the right of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and data portability.

As your headless CMS agency, we regularly check the availability of relevant updates. We prioritise security updates to quickly address known vulnerabilities and ensure the integrity of your systems. Before carrying out major upgrades, we set up backup and restore processes where necessary to ensure a smooth recovery in the event of a problem.

We also use test environments. This ensures that your upgrades work properly and do not cause unexpected problems on your live site. Above all, we communicate closely with our customers to discuss planned upgrades, plan for potential downtime and minimise any impact on the user experience. Accurate documentation of all upgrades and updates is also essential. This provides clear traceability for both you and us, and makes it easier to keep track of your system changes in the event of problems or audits.