E-commerce agency for efficient online trading

As an e-commerce agency, we build powerful e-commerce systems for professional online shops that integrate perfectly into your platform.

E-Commerce Agentur Shopping
E-Commerce Agentur Shopping

Customised e-commerce development

No internet business without an online shop. With the respective focus on B2C, B2B or B2B2C commerce as well as partner systems to be connected, every e-commerce project is customised. As an established agency for online shops, we develop your e-commerce solution.

Customer examples

Selected projects of our e-commerce development

Mitpflegeleben Logo

Innovative care platform

Development of the central digital care platform mitpflegeleben.de for the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany.

Sodexo Referenz von E-Commerce Agentur
Sodexo Logo

Complex benefits shop

We integrated ePay into the multi-vendor shop and took over the complete partner management.


Modern subscription shop

Relaunch of the Blick online kiosk, including development of a modern subscription management system for print and digital subscribers.

What we do

Our services


E-Commerce consulting

What are your store’s requirements? What features does it need for marketing, for example? We lay a solid foundation for your project with comprehensive advice that goes beyond the shop itself.


Customised shop development

Together we develop your specific shop concept. We then build your online shop on this basis – with the right software that is ideal for managing your shop processes.


Shop relaunch

Is your web shop showing its age? Do your customers expect more convenience and better user experience? With e-commerce optimisation, we can help you bring your shop up to date.

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile first is one of the buzzwords of the moment. For customers who use your shop via smartphone, we naturally also build mobile apps that integrate seamlessly into the shopping process.

Add on

Further services

As e-commerce experts, we also know that an online shop is not an island. Other important systems need to be connected to create a comprehensive, integrated platform that optimally supports your e-commerce merchandise management. We help with shop and data migration, the selection of suitable solutions (SaaS or open source), e-commerce training, the provision of server capacities or cloud services for online shop hosting.

Frau arbeitet in E-Commerce Agentur
Frau arbeitet in E-Commerce Agentur
Brief explanation

Questions in e-commerce development

Why do I need customised online shop development?

eBay and Amazon have shown the way: Their webshops have developed into marketplaces with unique functionalities that are groundbreaking for digitalisation. You should also differentiate yourself with your shop.

What do I need to consider when developing my e-commerce platform?

Online platforms need efficient e-commerce management. Technical requirements include the use of APIs, the ability to use shop plugins and scalability.

Which shop system is best for me?

A whole bundle of parameters is crucial here. In addition to interfaces, the technologies you have used so far play an important role – as do the functions and workflows of your system that you cannot do without. And, of course, the features that you want to offer in the future.

How we work

Our e-commerce development process

We have designed an established process model for the development of e-commerce shops. This comprises six steps, from conception and roll-out through to operation and further development.

Workshop Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Workshop Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Group 5

Idea & Strategy (Workshop)

E-commerce agency – for us, this also means consulting on digitalisation. We start our collaboration with a workshop. This is where we get to know each other and develop a joint plan for your customised online shop development that fits your strategy and goals.


E-Commerce Conception & Design

In a concept, we define the shop design that translates your shop vision into code. From our experience as an e-commerce agency, an excellent user experience must already be planned in this web design phase.

Konzeptions Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Konzeptions Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Entwicklungs Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Entwicklungs Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur

Agile development

When implementing your e-commerce platform, our developers utilise best practices such as agile software development and shop templates for shop programming. Regular communication (which includes demo versions) ensures that you can see how your project is growing – and gives you the opportunity to influence its development.


Quality assurance

As the core of your digital business, your online shop must function reliably. Lost orders and shopping baskets mean lost sales. We achieve reliability with end-to-end quality assurance in all development phases. Automated and manual testing ensures continuous optimisation and fast troubleshooting.

QS Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
QS Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Rollout Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Rollout Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur


Another of our tasks as an e-commerce agency: the go-live of your online shop on the agreed date. Extensive testing ensures that you receive a product version that fully fulfils your requirements.


Operation & further development

As a full-service e-commerce agency, we also support your shop beyond the development phase. We ensure scaling with increasing traffic, we bring updates for shop optimisation into live operation.

Betriebs Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur
Betriebs Phase in der E-Commerce Agentur

Shop systems & technologies:

E-commerce agencies do not develop shops from scratch. They rarely use programming languages for programming the frontend and backend, but rather standard software as a basis or modules that are freely accessible as open source. The latter offer more options for customised shop design. Knowledge of API management is relevant for connecting other systems.

WooCommerce Logo der E-Commerce Agentur

SPRYLAB as a WooCommerce agency

WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress that also offers preconfigured shop themes. During WooCommerce development, we ensure that the online shop also delivers the right performance.


SPRYLAB as a Shopify agency

As Shopify experts, we know the out-of-the-box solution for shop management well. Shopify development is more like customising the existing software, hosting is included.


SPRYLAB as shopware agency

Shopware is an open source software that offers various usage options. It has all the relevant functions for setting up an online shop, including SEO tools for a good Google ranking. This opens up a wide range of design options for Shopware programming.

Oxid Logo der E-Commerce Agentur

SPRYLAB as an oxide agency

Oxid is also a complete software package for setting up online shops. Here we also take care of the e-commerce hosting.


SPRYLAB as Magento agency

Magento also started as an open source project, but was bought by Adobe. Webshop development with Magento can therefore be ideally integrated with other Adobe tools.

Technologien der E-Commerce Agentur

More than just e-commerce

We also support other tools for e-commerce solutions such as Gambio. As an agency for e-commerce, we think outside the box. We integrate systems for product information management (PIM) such as Akenea, Pimcore or AtroPIM as well as omnichannel marketing tools such as First Spirit or Hubspot with the shop system. But we are also proficient in interfaces to ERP (including ERP consulting), merchandise management, payment, data management, content management systems and conversion optimisation.

Costs and duration

How expensive is e-commerce development?

If you are having your online shop created, you are probably asking yourself two questions: Where do prices for e-commerce platforms stand? How long does their realisation take?

Price and online shop costs vary greatly. Once we know your project, we can estimate the resources required for your e-commerce project and give you an indication of the project length and price.