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Daimler AG is a listed German manufacturer of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The Group’s best-known brand is Mercedes-Benz.






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Although new automotive technology is making driving safer, it is becoming increasingly difficult for emergency services to safely extract casualties from vehicles. In the aftermath of an accident, airbags, gas and high-voltage cables and other sensitive elements pose a danger not only to those trapped in the vehicle, but also to the rescue team.

The app is primarily aimed at rescue workers who have to free accident victims from vehicles. The Rescue Assist app from Mercedes-Benz provides access to the digital rescue data sheets for all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and smart vehicles from model year 1990 onwards, as well as Fuso and van models from model year 1996 onwards. The rescue data sheets show critical elements such as the battery, airbags, fuel tanks, seatbelt pretensioners, gas and high-voltage cables.

About Daimler

Daimler AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium passenger cars and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The Group also offers financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services. Today’s Daimler AG was formed in 1998 as DaimlerChrysler AG following the merger of Daimler-Benz AG with the US-based Chrysler Corporation.

Mobile rescue data sheets in 25 localised languages

Scanning the QR code, which is now integrated into the fuel filler cap as standard, displays the current rescue data sheet for the vehicle in the language of the mobile device. The app currently supports 25 languages. For cars built in 1990 or later and vans built in 1996 or later, the QR code can be retrofitted by the dealer at any time.

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Offline functionality for Internet-independent access

Unlike what other car manufacturers offer, the Rescue Assist app from Daimler AG is also available offline, as the rescue data sheets are available when the app is installed. This means that rescue teams can access the rescue data sheets even in situations where there is no good internet connection, such as in tunnels or in rural areas.

In addition to scanning the QR code, all rescue datasheets can be accessed manually via a task bar. By providing direct access, the app saves valuable time that can be critical to survival. Every second counts in the so-called “golden hour of shock” for trauma patients. Patients who can be taken to hospital and treated within an hour have the best chance of survival. The faster the emergency services know how to safely open the car, the better the chances of survival. This makes the app a lifesaver.

The implementation of the app by SPRYLAB

It is also a rare opportunity for SPRYLAB employees to create an app that can save lives. Within two months, the two developers successfully implemented the concept and design specified by Mercedes-Benz for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. The integration of the backend with all vehicle types, which is triggered by scanning the QR code, was particularly exciting.

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