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From legacy system to AI-based SaaS web application

Vom Legacy-System zur KI-basierten SaaS-Webanwendung


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Purple is the leading multichannel publishing software for publishers. The SaaS product supports media companies in delivering appealing web, app and social media content to their readers. 








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Magazine Publishing Software for Publishers

Purple is the fast-growing Digital Publishing platform. With Purple, SPRYLAB has developed a SaaS platform that enables publishers to grow and thrive in the digital world. A product development that sets standards and plays a key role in the digital transformation of the publishing industry. 

The challenge: digital rethinking in the newspaper industry

Few industries have undergone such massive change in recent years as the newspaper industry. For a long time, print was the only important medium. Today, publishers must use new digital business models to deliver content on multiple channels simultaneously in order to compete with, among others, American technology companies. 

Purple was originally developed as a publishing suite with a focus on apps, particularly for the iPad. Working closely with some of the world’s leading media companies, SPRYLAB has gradually developed this product from a legacy system into a modular SaaS web application. 

Thanks to SPRYLAB, Purple is now playing a key role in the digital transformation of newspaper and magazine publishers' business models. In the medium term, this will enable media companies to free themselves from their dependence on print revenues.
Stephan Heck Purple
Stephan Heck
Founder & Managing Director of Purple

With Purple, SPRYLAB has developed a central content hub that is a complete editorial system for the creation and distribution of all publishing content. With seamless interfaces to partner solutions, the still important print channel can also be covered. What has driven Purple from the start? To make digital content publishing easier, more successful and more efficient. So that journalists can focus on what they do best – great content.

Die Lösung: Headless CMS und KI-Features für effiziente Publishing-Workflows

The solution: Headless CMS and AI features for efficient publishing workflows

Customer value and an easy-to-implement solution are always at the heart of our ongoing development. Purple now consists of three solution modules: Purple Editorial (a multi-channel CMS), Purple Experience (for high quality websites and apps) and Purple Growth (audience targeting).   

Purple Editorial is a decoupled content management system, also known as a headless CMS, which allows the editorial portfolio to be quickly and easily expanded to include new channels. The user-friendly editor, based on the popular Gutenberg Editor, makes it easy to create structured content with just a few clicks.

Another key tool is the Experience Builder. This is an intuitive front-end toolkit, tailored to the needs of modern news and magazine sites. The big advantage of the service-oriented architecture based on Kafka and MongoDB is that the frontend can be customised without having to resort to the editorial system. Thanks to Angular Universal and server-side rendering. This means that editorial workflows are not disrupted.    

What content resonates with your audience and what doesn’t? If you want to deliver strong content, you also need a powerful data tool. This is where Purple Growth comes in, using intelligent AI features to analyse content. For example, links to other articles and external products are automatically inserted. The tool also assists the editorial team with topic discovery and extends the time spent on the site with tailored recommendations. 

With a cutting-edge tech stack and groundbreaking AI capabilities, we are working with our customers to meet the challenges of the digital media industry. Purple is the result of these efforts and represents the future of digital publishing.
Peter Dyllick-Brenzinger Purple
Peter Dyllick-Brenzinger
Head of Product at Purple

The result: Significant involvement in shaping the digital transformation of the publishing industry

More than 600 newspaper and magazine titles in 10 countries use Purple today. Customers include Bauer Media, Axel Springer, Hubert Burda Media, Funke Mediengruppe and Gruner + Jahr.

True to its motto “to be an engine of inspiration and innovation for all media companies in the world”, Purple is continuously developed and supported by SPRYLAB. The medium-term goals are to achieve even faster dynamic front-end customisation based on user data and to further increase the important reader attention time with AI functionalities. 

About Purple

Purple helps newspaper and magazine publishers successfully transform their journalistic content into digital products. Purple is the AI-based multi-channel publishing software for newspaper and magazine publishers that supports all of a publisher’s publishing workflows and helps increase digital revenues through audience development features. Today, Purple has a team of over 70 full-time employees and counts numerous international media houses such as Axel Springer, Hubert Burda, Bauer Media, News Corp, Immediate Media and Ringier among its customers. 

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