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optoVision Gesellschaft für moderne Brillenglastechnik GmbH has been manufacturing spectacle lenses of all kinds for over 40 years, in particular high-quality progressive lenses using free-form technology.






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optoVision offers opticians and ophthalmologists special eye-screening tests that can immediately detect retinal diseases. To this end, SPRYLAB developed the Retina-Care platform, a service which optoVision customers can use to receive an analysis of retina images for further treatment within a very short space of time.

For better vision

optoVision sees itself as a key service provider to opticians in Germany. It was therefore a logical step for the company to utilise its expertise in optometry and ophthalmic optics to offer an additional important service: a piece of software for analysing retina screening tests.

Retina screening tests can detect pathological changes to the eye at an early stage, making a significant contribution to the successful treatment of patients. The task was now to offer this software and the associated service to all providers on a user-friendly platform. Developed together with SPRYLAB, the concept and design for the website retina-care.de went live in 2019.

Everything at a glance

The Retina-Care platform offers high-precision eye screening which uses AI-based software. Developed by optoVision, this automated software solution analyses images of the retina with the aid of vector-based algorithms in less than a minute. This allows retinal anomalies and eye diseases such as glaucoma to be detected at an early stage so that the optician can start treatment.

With Retina-Care, SPRYLAB has developed a complex, user-friendly platform which allows opticians and ophthalmologists to access retina analyses. Retina-care.de contains a password-protected customer area with a screening portal for opticians and ophthalmologists, including a connection to the image service, which analyses retina images in less than a minute. What’s more, the platform architecture provides fast, easy access to the optoVision service.

An API is used to import Retina-Care images from the customer’s camera. The backend allows optoVision to perform a provider analysis and manage its users, as well as look after key administration for the communication with the analysis backend.

How it works:

  1. Eye screening: Optician or ophthalmologist photographs the retinas of both eyes.
  2. The images are uploaded automatically by the optician or ophthalmologist to the password-protected customer area of retina-care.de.
  3. Analysis is requested, with payment function using coin credit which can be purchased on the Retina-Care platform.
  4. The software analyses the retina images in less than a minute, allowing eye diseases to be detected at an early stage.
  5. The optician or ophthalmologist receives the results in a matter of minutes

Everything on one platform – everything at a glance. For optoVision, ‘Retina-Care and its services seek to reduce sight loss, which is often preventable, through fast and simple early detection. It is a practical addition to any eye specialist’s equipment and has short waiting times.’

About optoVision

Based in Langen in south Hesse, Germany, optoVision Gesellschaft für moderne Brillenglastechnik GmbH has been manufacturing state-of-the-art lens technology since 1979. Almost 400 employees produce and sell over three million lenses each year. With its eyewear products that are “Made in Germany” and the Retina-Care platform for retina analysis, optoVision is a key partner for opticians and ophthalmologist all over Germany.

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Arthur Silber
Head of Development

sprylab technologies GmbH Keithstr. 2-4, 10787 Berlin
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Arthur Silber Sprylab


Arthur Silber
Head of Development

sprylab technologies GmbH Keithstr. 2-4, 10787 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 23 62 58 95 34

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