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Ringier AG, based in Zurich, publishes “Blick”, the largest daily newspaper sold in Switzerland, and “SonntagsBlick”, the most popular Sunday newspaper in Switzerland.








IT consulting, overall project management, technical implementation of the Blick online kiosk (subscription shop) and the app and web reader relaunch


6 months

Together with SPRYLAB, the international media company Ringier has relaunched its digital editions of the titles “Blick”, “SonntagsBlick” and “Blick am Abend” and optimised and made subscription management more flexible for print and digital subscribers with the Blick Online Kiosk.

abo.blick.ch is the official online kiosk for buying subscriptions to the newspapers “Blick” and “SonntagsBlick”. With just a few clicks, new customers can order their subscription as a printed version in their letterbox or as an e-paper and choose the term and payment method that suits them best. Subscribers can manage their subscription themselves in the customer area, enter delivery interruptions or holiday diversions, for example, and benefit from discounts or exclusive prize draws.

About Ringier

Headquartered in Zurich, Ringier AG employs around 7,100 people and operates in several countries. The family-owned company was founded in 1833 and today operates in the print, TV, radio, online and mobile media sectors.

The challenge

The demands of newspaper readers on subscription models are usually much more demanding than those of traditional sales. Getting as close to the customer as possible and responding flexibly to their individual needs is a challenge that runs through almost all stages of today’s customer journey. Newspaper subscribers, for example, no longer want to be bound by minimum terms or cancellation periods; they want to decide for themselves when and for how long they want to read a newspaper.

Ringier recognised this and, as a modern newspaper publisher, wanted to create an interface between the shop system and the subscription management system in order to manage subscriptions, orders and deliveries simply, efficiently and smoothly, and to offer customers the option of managing their subscriptions flexibly with regard to delivery intervals, cancellation periods and terms.

Professional and technical requirements

The digital editions of all Blick titles had to be redesigned. In addition to relaunching the apps and web readers, a particular challenge was to fully automate the workflow. At the same time, the digital payment process was redeveloped and significantly simplified.

In order to ensure the smooth overall performance of the new portal and apps, all technical requirements were successfully implemented within a very tight timeframe:

  • Development of a new online kiosk using Angular, Java Spring and AWS Cloud Services
  • Link between payment system (Data Trans) and subscription management system (SAP) using the Purple DS Entitlement Server
  • Development of new iOS and Android apps for phone & tablet as well as a new web reader for all Blick titles based on Purple DS
  • Development of an admin frontend for comprehensive campaign and customer management
  • Development of a custom storefront for app & web
  • Fully automatic generation of the mobile-optimised reading mode for e-paper
  • User migration
We have been working successfully with SPRYLAB for years. The team always thinks along with us and provides great impetus. They also work at breathtaking speed.
Martin Werren, Blick Online Kiosk Bild
Martin Werren
Programme Manager IT at Ringier AG

Our solution

SPRYLAB has completely redesigned all Blick titles digitally on the basis of the Purple DS platform. A storefront specially developed for Ringier gives the apps and the web reader the Blick-typical appearance.

In addition, SPRYLAB has developed a flexible online kiosk that makes it possible to purchase both digital and print subscriptions. By using defined interfaces and modern technologies, SPRYLAB has created a modular storefront user interface that can be easily and flexibly customised. The customer journey of the payment process has also been completely redesigned and significantly simplified.

A customised admin frontend offers editors comprehensive campaign and customer management. The use of the Purple DS PDF workflow guarantees the smooth, fully automated playout of new digital editions.

With the new portal and the subscription management apps, Ringier offers its readers the flexibility they want in terms of delivery intervals, cancellation periods and terms. The overall optimised customer journey has led to a measurable increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We are convinced that in SPRYLAB we have found a very competent partner for the relaunch of the Blick e-paper products.
Martin Werren, Blick Online Kiosk Bild
Martin Werren
Programme Manager IT at Ringier AG

Blick online kiosk with optimised customer journey

“Blick”, “SonntagsBlick” and “Blick am Abend” have been given a completely redesigned online kiosk with an optimised customer journey. For example, customers can manage their subscriptions flexibly by setting their own delivery intervals, notice periods and terms.

Mein Konto BLICK Online-Kiosk Image
Ferienumleitung einrichten BLICK Online-Kiosk Image

Admin frontend for campaign and customer management

A customised admin frontend for campaign and customer management enables Ringier to launch offers or implement landing pages for new campaigns very easily.

The link between the payment system (Datatrans) and the subscription management system (SAP) using the Purple DS Entitlement Server simplifies the management of subscriptions, orders and distribution. This saves time and costs.

Admin-Fronted BLICK Online-Kiosk Image
Landing Page BLICK Online-Kiosk

Responsive read mode

Based on the fully automated Purple DS PDF workflow, SPRYLAB has equipped all PDF editions of the newspapers with a responsive reading mode. This allows for an optimised reading experience on smartphones.

Responsiver Readmode BLICK Online-Kiosk Image

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