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How simpleshow revolutionised video production with a platform

Wie simpleshow die Videoproduktion revolutionierte ​


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simpleshow GmbH is the market leader in the field of professional explanatory video production. The company offers videos in various formats that convey complex issues in just a few minutes.   








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The success story of simpleshow GmbH began in 2008 when they conquered the market with innovative and entertaining explainer videos. Together with SPRYLAB, they developed the simpleshow video maker, which enables their customers to create videos quickly and easily. The AI-based tool made the simpleshow business model scalable and sustainable.

The challenge: Taking the next step with your own software product

After several years of successfully producing explainer videos, it was crucial for simpleshow to take the next step and stand out from the competition by developing a unique tool. The goal was to automate the production of explainer videos and thus ensure long-term competitiveness in the highly competitive video production market. 

SPRYLAB was the agency of choice for the development of the simpleshow video maker. SPRYLAB immediately understood the innovative idea of a platform for the automated production of explanatory videos and immediately built a first prototype. This convinced simpleshow and after a joint workshop, the SPRYLAB project team supported the company for two and a half years in the development of the large-scale platform. The do-it-yourself offer was an important milestone for simpleshow and an absolute novelty in video production.

The solution: Your own explainer video in just four steps

The simpleshow video maker is a platform where customers can create their own explainer videos with the help of AI: the result is professional videos for a wide range of purposes. Using a guided workflow, the software makes it super easy to visually explain complex topics. After logging in, the customer can choose between different storyline templates or upload their own PowerPoint file. The user creates his or her own script, which serves as the direction and basis for the text analysis, which extracts the most important information for the video.

In the next step, the video maker automatically creates a storyboard. Automating the videos based on the text input was an exciting technical challenge. The text has to be analysed by an AI that generates the appropriate tags and topics. Based on this, simpleshow’s extensive and fully tagged image database is used to automatically select the images for the video. The video maker then puts the various scenes together to create a video and overlays the text that has been entered over it. In a final step, the user can specify the playback speed of the video and a voice-over to replace a professional narrator. The script is read aloud using TTS speech recognition: A professional TTS engine with multiple languages has been integrated for this purpose.

A video editor also allows customers to manually edit the created video. Suggested scenes can be modified by the user and graphics can be replaced. The end result is a professional explainer video with eye-catching images and an entertaining storyline. Additional services such as animation and professional voice-overs can also be requested from the agency. 

Technical details: 

  • Use of AI for semantic text analysis and image generation  
  • Integration of TTS language generation  
  • Cloud: AWS  
  • Frontend: AngularJS, Angular  
  • Backend: Java Spring  

The collaboration between simpleshow and SPRYLAB’s agile project team was very productive. Following the successful go-live of the platform, SPRYLAB developed further key features in several stages. In the meantime, simpleshow has set up its own development team for the operation and further development of the platform under the leadership of SPRYLAB. 

The result: changing the market

The simpleshow video maker has changed the video production market forever. Users were immediately impressed because it has never been so quick and easy to create professional explainer videos. The tool also has a very user-friendly interface and guides customers step-by-step through the entire process.    

With the development of the Video Maker, simpleshow has secured its position as a market leader in the production of educational videos. The company has now produced several thousand videos for around 500 customers worldwide, including global players such as Microsoft, eBay, Mercedes-Benz and E.ON. 

About simpleshow

Simpleshow is the market leader in digital products and services for explainer videos. With its artificial intelligence-based simpleshow videomaker, the company helps users create professional explainer videos with just a few clicks. Images and text are optimally coordinated and reach the target groups through emotional storytelling. An in-house academy ensures that all team members receive thorough training. The 100-strong team has offices in Luxembourg, Stuttgart, Berlin, New York, Singapore, London and Hong Kong. 

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