Complex web development for your digital business

Successful digital business ideas differentiate themselves through unique functionality. As an experienced web development agency, we realise innovative and complex concepts for your digital business.

Webentwicklung und Webentwicklung Agentur IfSA Referenz
Webentwicklung und Webentwicklung Agentur IfSA Referenz

SPRYLAB as an agency for web development

Customised software solutions play an important role in digital competition. As an experienced digital agency, we realise or modernise your digital business card with which you can address your target groups in B2B or B2C.

Customer examples

Selected web development projects

Mitpflegeleben Logo

Innovative care platform

Development of the central digital care platform for the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany.

Logo BBL

Highly scalable website

During the further development of the BBL website, we set up an extensive and highly scalable data hub with live and non-live statistics, among other things.

Sodexo Referenz für Webentwicklung

Complex benefits shop

We integrated ePay into the multi-vendor shop and took over the complete partner management.

Logo Institut für Spielanalyse

Big data in real time

The platform’s architecture enables football data to be imported, processed and refined in real time.


Modern subscription shop

Relaunch of the Blick online kiosk, including development of a modern subscription management system for print and digital subscribers.

DRF Referenz für Webentwicklung
Logo DRF

Fast website relaunch

Relaunch of the website as well as the iOS and Android apps for DRF Luftrettung based on our own Purple DS Content Hub.

What we do

Our services


Web development has many faces: It aims to ensure that you leave a strong digital footprint on the web that your target audience cannot ignore. Making an online platform or portal easy to use and unique is key to success.

Group 28

Content management systems (CMS) are often an essential part of such platforms or portals. They allow you to utilise and display your content efficiently across various channels – and not just editorial content.

Group 36

If you want to offer products on the web, you also need an e-commerce system that supports the sales processes. We realise such systems as web applications – integrated into portals, with CMS or stand-alone. 

Group 41

MVP development

Do you want to bring a customised, innovative business model to market? As a web development agency, we can build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) based on your ideas, allowing you to quickly validate and refine your idea.

Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop für Webentwicklung
CMS Agentur Workshop für CMS Entwicklung
Brief explanation

Frequently asked questions in web development

Frequently asked questions in web development

What does web development mean?

Web development is a type of software development. They are the perfect introduction to the digital world. The resulting web application is made available on the Internet. Only a browser is required to use it. For us, web development includes both new programming and the modernisation of existing web applications.

What problems do complex web development projects solve?

With business functions on the Internet, your company can quickly tap into the reach of the web for your offerings. Complex web developments thus become the backbone of your business model.

What are the success factors of web development projects?

A key success factor is understanding your target groups and their needs. Team play and close cooperation between us, the web development agency, and you, the customer, play a decisive role in the realisation. 

How we work

Web development process

Communication, transparency and flexibility are our maxims for working with you. This is how we achieve optimum results as a team. We have created a tried-and-tested six-stage process model for your customised web development.

Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 1 für Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 1 für Webentwicklung
Group 5

Idea & Strategy (Workshop)

An assessment gives us transparency about your business: Which processes and use cases should be covered? If we are tackling a modernisation project, we also analyse the existing web presence. We advise you and plan the strategy and roadmap together with you. 


Conception & Design

In the next phase, a concept is created based on the needs analysis. Our designers and programmers always keep the user experience at the user interface, i.e. the interface to your users, in mind during web design and interface design. Wireframes are a typical tool in this phase of web development.

Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 2 Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 2 Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 3 für Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 3 für Webentwicklung

Agile development

Our developers use agile software development methods when programming your web application. Sprints allow for rapid prototyping. As an agency for web development and design, we involve you closely in the development process. Our regular communication allows you to experience how your project grows continuously. 


Quality control

As a web development agency, we deliver high-quality products. As part of extensive automated and manual testing, we ensure reliability and performance. We also realise an optimal level of data protection and data security.

Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 4 Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 4 Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 5 Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 5 Webentwicklung


Your website project is entering the home straight: With the right version for the launch, we can also help you with the go-live of your web application. We take care of the appropriate hosting or server (usually as a cloud service) for the roll-out, so that you can also map real-time requirements or scalability.


Operation & further development

The class of your web application becomes apparent during operation. We are at your side with support, maintenance and updates and continuously optimise the application according to your requirements, e.g. in terms of scaling.  

Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 6 für Webentwicklung
Webentwicklung Agentur Workshop-Phase 6 für Webentwicklung

From websites to MVPs – the many faces of web development

Web development – that can mean many different things. Online shops, blogs, homepages or responsive websites for standard online marketing are available “out of the box” these days. We are interested in complex web development projects with significant programming effort. These arise, for example, when companies want to launch unique new services on the market. This often requires an MVP. It allows the service to be trialled with potential customers. The findings of the MVP lead to optimisations and refinements of the web offering.

Technologies & programming languages

Technologies & programming languages

Webentwicklung Technologien Frontend


We use established tools and frameworks as well as programming languages such as Typescript, HTML5, Tailwind CSS and React, but sometimes also WordPress, for the frontend development of user interaction and the presentation of your content.

Webentwicklung Technologien Backend


We use Python, Java, Javascript, Nestjs as well as SQL and NoSQL databases for backend development. This is where the logic of your service is created and the business processes are mapped.

Webentwicklung Technologien Cloud


Simple infrastructure management for hosting and scalability are important requirements for web applications today. To achieve this, we rely on cloud services and automation via APIs. We work with Azure, AWS, Kubernetes and Jenkins. Clouds also allow the introduction of artificial intelligence/machine learning and blockchain functions.

Costs and duration

How expensive is complex web development?

The cost and duration of a web development project for your company can vary greatly depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Our suggestion: Let us look at your idea together – as a web development agency, we estimate the necessary resources, the realisation time and the price based on your goals and framework conditions. The cost planning gives you a solid basis for deciding whether and to what extent you want to realise your project. 

Why us

15 years of experience, 70+ team strength

Customer orientation

For us, customers are partners whose success we help to shape. As a web design agency, we focus on your needs and support you with targeted advice and customer service.

Speed & efficiency

Agile development processes allow your web application and demo versions to be created quickly – and project management can react flexibly to changing requirements. 

Holistic thinking

We think holistically and sustainably during realisation. What should your target platform look like? What role do the services you want to offer on the web play? What requirements do you need to fulfil? 


As an agency for web development, we know: Your web presence determines your business success. That’s why we prioritise usability and smooth, integrated processes when developing your code. 


If you do what everyone else is doing, you won’t stand out. We work with you to develop digital innovations based on innovative technology. As software developers, we never stand still and are always open to new ideas.


We have been a web design agency in Berlin for 15 years. Our team of programmers and designers creates complex applications for companies in a wide range of industries. 

Customised web development with industry expertise

Customised web development with industry expertise

Group 21


With numerous web solutions as part of the online platforms, we are helping to shape Daimler AG’s marketing – these are also available as mobile apps.

Group 14

Health & Social Affairs

With a platform for the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany, we integrated a CRM solution with the management and navigation through the services offered. 

Shape 2

Media & Publishers

Numerous web developments such as online shops, marketplaces and customer portals, including for Axel Springer, are proof of our expertise as web developers.

Shape 3


We have also realised mobile-first strategies for financial service providers in Germany and abroad by implementing scalable online portals. 

Shape 4


Users in the insurance sector benefit from our web developments to support digital business processes.

Shape 5


The German Basketball League relies on modern web development from SPRYLAB. Highly scalable for the load on match days, the system also processes data in real time.  

Webentwicklung im Berliner Büro
Webentwicklung im Berliner Büro
Customer quotes

What our customers say

SPRYLAB implemented our Benefit Shop extremely quickly and professionally. Keyword great service: The team is very agile and so even unforeseeable, sudden requirements were no problem.

Webentwicklung Referenz Jasmin Grünig
Jasmin Grünig
Senior Product Manager Payments at Sodexo

In SPRYLAB, we have found a highly involved, technically adept and sports-interested team that will continue to accompany us on our journey.

Webentwicklung Referenz Karsten Görsdorf
Karsten Görsdorf
Managing Director of the Institut für Spielanalyse

We have been working successfully with SPRYLAB for many years. The team always thinks along with us and provides great impulses. They also work at breathtaking speed!

Webentwicklung Referenz Martin Werren
Martin Werren
Project Manager Technology & Data at Ringier