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Mitpflegeleben: Pflegeberatung und -vermittlung auf digitaler Plattform


People in need of care in Germany 


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mitunsleben GmbH is the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany. mitunsleben is backed by established shareholders from the care and social economy. 






Care and social economy 


mitpflegeleben platform


1st release after 6 months (initially provider platform, followed by end customers) 



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mitunsleben GmbH, the largest ecumenical start-up in Germany, has developed the central digital platform mitpflegeleben.de together with SPRYLAB. The mission: competent digital advice with the help of artificial intelligence and transparent placement of facilities, services and aids.

SPRYLAB has developed a flexible and intuitive solution that guarantees stable operation for life and ensures rapid scaling. Here are three highlights of the digital care platform: 

  • Criteria-based matching of user needs with relevant offers 
  • An open marketplace for providers of facilities, services and aids 
  • An integrated CMS for up-to-date content 

It is a good feeling to know that the social economy trusts us. This trust ultimately benefits the people who use our digital services,” says Cornelia Röper, CEO of mitunsleben. With her care platform, she wants to create a place where people in need of care and their relatives can get competent, neutral advice on topics such as care levels and care options. Suppliers of medical aids, service providers such as outpatient care services and inpatient facilities are also represented. An evaluation function supports the credibility of the providers and helps the end-consumer in his choice. 

We are delighted to be part of such an exciting and important start-up. Especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, digital offers opportunities that we cannot currently provide offline.
Dr. Robert Bachert Bild
Dr. Robert Bachert
Chief Financial Officer at Diakonischen Werk Württemberg
Mitunsleben Gesellschafter aus Sozialwirtschaft
Hinter mitunsleben stehen diese Gesellschafter aus der Sozialwirtschaft.

The challenge: to become a scout in the jungle of health care

mitunsleben has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming a pioneer in the healthcare. The Berlin-based start-up wants to create transparency and offer competent advice to people looking for care. At the same time, it wants to give care providers the opportunity to present their products and services.  

The care market is complicated and the processes are lengthy. For people in need of care and their families, this means, among other things: 

  • Cumbersome search for care, housing, domestic help via numerous different channels (including the internet, doctors, health insurance, network)
  • A confusing range and lack of information on availability and prices
  • Limited opening and consultation hours, long waiting times
  • A non-transparent certification system that is difficult for end customers to assess
  • A complicated and lengthy application for necessary aids

The professional and technical solution for a two-way platform

People who need care, want to be able to get help holistically, without having to be referred back and forth, with the possibility of a quick initial consultation, visibility of available places in facilities and multiple solutions from a single source. They also often want to know what to do and in what order. The option of having everything done by a paid service provider is also often requested.

Service providers should be presented as reliable and honest. After all, it’s about taking care of a loved one. Finding a suitable care place should be as quick as possible. Those affected should have access to government-organised assessments, information and prices of facilities. In addition, the quality of the service provider must be proven in order to be listed on the platform.

Here are the main technical requirements to ensure flawless functionality and intuitive use of the platform:

  • Rapid scalability of the platform’s IT architecture
  • Ensuring data protection and data security in accordance with the DSGVO and KDG (Church Data Protection Act)
  • A strong, criteria-based search and a watch list are required for the placement of facilities 
  • Comparison options for care facilities
  • Care facilities should be able to pay for premium access via a payment service
  • The integrated CMS should allow content managers to enter content themselves, even with little prior knowledge
In SPRYLAB, we have found an absolutely competent service provider for the development of our platform. The professional consulting approach and the fast, agile and reliable implementation of the platform really impressed us.
Cornelia Röper, Geschäftsführerin Mit Uns Leben
Cornelia Röper
Managing Director at mitunsleben,

Forbes 30 under 30 Europe

Realised using a goal-oriented Design Development Process

SPRYLAB translated mitunsleben’s requirements into a customer-oriented solution concept, which formed the basis for the implementation of the software. To do this, we worked closely with mitunsleben on a goal-oriented design development process. The tried and tested agile project management approach enabled the concept to be continuously adapted to current requirements and the ongoing involvement of all stakeholders. It also allowed us to work quickly and in a focused way on the deliverables of the project. This meant that visible results were achieved more quickly.   

SPRYLAB’s solution covers all functions of digital consulting, marketplace and content. 

The highlight: the Digital Advisor answers every question

We are particularly proud of the development of the Digital Advisor. This is because the matching process is based on sound artificial intelligence that has been built using analyses of real consultations. The system gets smarter with each consultation and learns, for example, which challenges often occur together and which solutions are preferred.   

For the user, it works like this: First, they specify their needs. For example, the search for a nursing home with a high level of care. The digital advisor then compares the catalogue of criteria with the underlying offers from various databases.  

Services such as assistive devices, outpatient services, inpatient care centres and housing advice have specific characteristics that are matched to the specific search and – if appropriate – presented to the user as an offer.   

Spring Boot is used in the backend, React in the frontend and MongoDB. 

mitpflegeleben Digitaler Berater - Start Image
mitpflegeleben Digitaler Berater - Kategorien Image

The well-organised matchmaking platform

Offers are presented to users with relevant searches as additional options. Outpatient service providers, such as care services, are listed by region, type of care, customer reviews, availability, etc. End customers can make appointments directly with a match.  

Facilities are subject to a rating system, with premium access providers also able to respond to user ratings. As with outpatient providers, inpatient facilities are listed according to the search criteria. A particular advantage for the end user is the immediate visibility of availability. 

mitpflegeleben Vermittlungsplattform
mitpflegeleben Vermittlungsportal - Suchergebnis

Intuitive input of own content

The editors of mitpflegeleben.de have a CMS for publishing their own content on topics such as measuring the level of care, selecting aids, applying for grants, etc. Forms and help documents can also be uploaded for users to fill in.

Scalable and flexible platform as a result

SPRYLAB smoothly implemented the complex content and technical requirements of the mitpflegeleben.de platform. In addition, mitunsleben got to know and appreciate SPRYLAB’s proven agile project management. Thanks to this agile software development, a platform was created that can be quickly scaled and flexibly modified.   

The result of this constructive collaboration is fast and professional support for people in need of care and their families. So that they can find the right way through the care jungle if the worst comes to the worst. 

About mitunsleben

mitunsleben GmbH, based in Berlin, was founded by 16 non-profit shareholders from the care and social sector. These include Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., the Verband für Digitalisierung in der Sozialwirtschaft e.V. (vediso), Diako Thüringen gGmbH and the Stephanus Stiftung. The young start-up mitunsleben is already online and growing with the help of SPRYLAB. 


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